1. Correct order of the products that are synthesised by plants?
a) glucose, starch, cellulose
b) glucose, proteins, lipids, cellulose
c) proteins, lipids, cellulose
d) glucose, vitamins, alkaloids 

2. Animals cannot synthesise the following?
i) carbohydrates
ii) cellulose
iii) lipid
iv) protein
Choose Correct Answer?
a) i only
b) i, ii only 
c) iii only
d) iii, iv only

3. The correct order in the steps of light reaction?
i) H2O → H++ OH–
iii) chlorophyl activated
Choose Correct Answer?
a) i, ii, iii
b) iii, ii, i
c) i, iii, ii 
d) iii, i, ii

4. Which of the following is an enzyme which is secreted in stomach?
a) amylase, trypsin
b) peptosase, sucrose
c) only pepsin
d) only lipase

5. The rate of transpiration is more in the following days of atmosphere
a) cold, humid air
b) hot, humid, dry
c) hot, humid air
d) hot, dry air 

6. Identify the special one from the following
i) superior vena cava
ii) interior vena cava
iii) arota
iv) coronary artery
a) only i
b) ii and iii only
c) d only
d) i and iv only

7. Blood →right ventricle → pulmonary artery →lungs. lungs → pulmonary vein → left auricle → left ventricle →body parts
Which type of circulation it is indicating
a) single circulation
b) double circulation
c) pulmonary circulation
d) cordiac circulation

8. The vital link between blood and cell tissues is?
a) blood cells
b) capillary system lymph
c) water
d) serum

9. What do we know by the pH value?
a) Acid base medium
b) Acid medium only
c) Base medium only
d) Acid, base and neutral medium

10. The animal which are active during night time and collect food are called
a) nocturnals
b) amphibians
c) sponges
d) diurnals

11. If the chyme is pushed backwards in small quantity, then it reaches to
a) oesophagus
b) small intestine
c) duodenum
d) large intestine

12. Which nerve plays an important role in identification of taste?
a) 6th cranial nerve
b) thick nerve
c) 5th cranial nerve
d) 10th nerve

13. The type of teeth used to tear a sugarcane
a) incissors
b) canines
c) premolars
d) molars

14. Which of the following is not concerned with Mendels observation on seeds
a) colour
b) shape
c) yellow and green colour
d) length of the stem

15. The strongest presence during the time blood is forced out or the ventricles?
a) systolic
b) blood pressure
c) diostolic pressure
d) atmospheric pressure

16. Which of the following is showed hypertension?
a) 120/80
b) 160/90
c) 80/160
d) 110/70

17. The part of the brain that helps you in solving puzzles is?
a) Cerebrum
b) Cerebellum
c) Medulla
d) Diencephalon

18. Observe the following A, B statements
A) abscisic acid prevents seed dormancy
B) gibberellin promotes seed dormancy
a) both are true
b) A is true B is false
c) A is false B is true
d) both are false

19. The place where auxins are produced
a) nodes
b) Twigs of leaves
c) tips of roots and stem
d) internodes

20. The brain is covered by three layers the middle layer is
a) dura matter
b) piamatter
c) arachno matter
d) pleura

21. The mechanism which controls the action of hormones is
a) feed back mechanism
b) controlling nervous system
c) effect of auxins
d) growth of organisms

22. Which is not correct pair
a) adrenaline- pitutary gland
b) testosterone- testes
c) insuline-pancrease
d) estrogen- (ovaries) ovary

23. To get desirable characters, which of the following method is adapted?
a) Layering
b) Grafting
c) Laboratory
d) Genetic exchange

24. Which of the following has the concern with rain fall?
a) osmosis
b) root pressure
c) transpiration
d)wind erosion

25. Nithya likes to eat sour tasty fruits, the vitamin she obtains is?
a) pantothenic acid 
b) ascorbic acid
c) HCl
d) pyridoxin

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