1. When is International Day for Tolerance, recognized– the UN is observed?

2. Which is the only golfer to win the Masters Tournament six times?

3. Who published the book ‘Origin of species by natural selection in 1859’?

4. By which name does the Brahmaputra enter into India?

5. In which Aryans first settled?

6. At present the Rajya Sabha consists of howmany members?

7. Which mirror is to be used to obtain a parallel beam of light from a small lamp ?

8. In which year was Minimum inflation in post economic reform?

9. The Tibetan river ‘Tsangpo’ enters India through which State?

10. On which thing did the Buddhism and Jainism both give stress?

11. The Asian Games were held in Delhi for the first time in which year?

12. Which is most primitive ancestor of man ?

13. Who was the first speaker of the Lok Sabha?

14. In which city of India, the diurnal range of temperature is maximum?

15. To whom the Sarnath’s Lion Capital attributed?

16. What is the Number of water molecules present in Mohr’s salt?

17. The Dronacharya Award for Sports coaches was instituted in which year?

18. What does Inflation imply?

19. In which season is the frequency of tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal maximum?

20. Which silver coins Issued by the Guptas?

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