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M.Ed Degree Examination First Semester Previous Paper 2018 (Perspectives of Educational Psychology)

Paper I: Perspectives of Educational Psychology
(No additional sheet will be supplied)

Time: 3 hours                                                                                                          Max.Marks: 80

Section A (10 x 5= 50)

Answer any TEN of the following questions
Each question carries FIVE marks

1. Define Educational Psychology and explain its nature.
2. Describe the advantage and disadvantages of experimental study.
3. What is the importance of case study?
4. What are the developments during infancy?
5. Describe physical development during adolescence.

6. What developments are expected during adulthood?
7. What are the problems during old age?
8. What are the principles of development?
9. What are the factors influencing development during childhood?
10. Describe laws of learning
11. Write one experiment by Pavleu to derive classical conditioning
12. What is the meaning of shaping?
13. What are the implications of individual differences for education?
14. Differentiate inter and intra individual difference.
15. Explain Nature and process of creativity
16. How creativity can be tested among school children?
Section B (15 x 2 = 30)
Answer ALL questions
Each question carries 15 marks
17. Describe the implications of Schedules of Reinforcement in Education.
18. Explain Hull’s theory of learning.

19. How creativity can be fostered among school students?
20. Describe Vedic (Upanishad) view of Personality.

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