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Indian History WBSSC,APPSC,SSC,CivilServices,NDA,CDS

1. What was the time period of Indus Civilization/Harappan Civilization?
A. 2500 BC – 1750 BC

2. Which one of the following was an important Port of the eastern coast during Gupta period?
A. Tamralipti

3. The temple of Konark was built by Narasimha of the
A. Ganga Administration

4. Bindusara belongs to……….
A. Maurya

5. Aryabhatta, believed to have been born in the 5th century AD, was a most renowned scholar of:
A. Astronomy

6. The Iron Pillar at Mehrauli in Delhi is believed to record the achievements of
A. Chandragupta II

7. Who of the following was a contemporary of Alexander the Great?
A. Chandragupta Maurya

8. Gupta Empire declined in the fifth century A. D. as a consequence of 
A. Hun invasion

9. Whose achievements are recorded in the Allahabad Pillar inscription?
A. Samudra Gupta

10. Who among the following Kushan Emperors was the first to introduce the gold coinage in India?
A. Kujula Kadphises

11. Who was the first Gupta ruler who assumed the title of Maharaja dhiraja?
A. Chandragupta I

12. Which of the following statement is wrong?
A. Chandragupa I started the Gupta Era in 319- 20 AD.
B. Samudragupta was the greatest king of Gupta dynasty.
C. During the reign of Skanda gupta, Gupta Empire was invaded by Huns.
D. all are right.

13. Who was the last great ruler of Gupta dynasty?
A. Skandagupta

14. Which of the following is incorrectly matched (in Gupta administration)?
a. Bhukti…….province
b. Vithika…
c. Gram…….village
d. all are right

15. Choose the correct option 
I. Dharmpala was the founder of the Pala Empire.
II. Mihir Bhoja belongs to Pratihar dynasty.
III. Mihir bhoja was the devotee of Lord KRISHNA.
A. Only II

16. The first foreigner to visit India is 
A. Megasthenese

17. What are the two works of Kali dasa?
A. Kumara Sambhav, Raghuva msha

18. Bana wrote ?
A. Harsh charita

19. Who among the following built the Gomateshwara statue at Sravana belagola ?
A. Chamundaraya

20. Which among the following Mudra is the gesture of Buddha as depicted in his first sermon?
A. Dharmachakra Mudra

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