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Indian History Model Questions Useful for Civils, SSC, NDA, TSPSC, APPSC

1. Harihara Raya I who ruled the Vijayna gara Empire for the period 1336-1356 belonged to which dynasty?
Answer : Sangama Dynasty

2. During the Gupta Empire, the term “UPARIKARA” was used for
Answer : . An extra tax levied on all subjects.

3. Tuluva Narasa who ruled the Vijayna gara Empire for the period 1491-1503 belonged to which dynasty?
Answer :  Tuluva Dynasty

4. Chola Empire was divided into: 
Answer :  Mandalams, Nadu, Kurram & Vala nadu

5. For which period did Harihara Ra ya II of Sangma dynasty ruled the Vijay nagara Empire?
Answer :  1377-1404

6. The traces of Janapadas and Ma ha janpadas are found in___?
Answer :  Vedic text, Buddha text, Jaina text

7. Which one of the following was the capital of Kosala?
Answer :  Sravasti

8. Champa was the capital of which one of the following Mahajana padas in Ancient India?
Answer :  Anga

9. Bimbisara was the founder of which one of the following dynasties?
Answer :  Haryanka

10. A Janapadin was the ___ of a janapada.
Answer : Ruler

11. the excavator of Harappa site
Answer :  Dayaram sahni

12. Dholavira is situated at the bank of River:
Answer :  Luni

13. What is true about Lothal-ancient site?
I. Lothal was an ancient port of Indus civilization.
II. It was excavated by the S.R. Rao
III. Currently it is situated in the Pakistan.
Answer : Only I , II

14. Which is the correct chronology of the excavation of the site in the Indus civilization?
I. Mohenjo-Daro 
II. Chanhudaro
III. Harappa 
IV. Lothal
Answer :  III, I, II & IV

15. In the Vedic age, who was the head of “Grama”?
Answer :  Gramini

16. Which of the following is true regarding the Aryan Economy?
I. Aryans, crossed the nomadic stage.
II. Lion, elephants, & Boar were not known to them.
III. Coins were known to them. 
Answer :  Only I

17. The local name of Mohenjodaro is:
Answer :  Mould of the dead

18. the correct pair :
A. Yoga darshan Patanjali
B. Mimansa Jaimini
C. Vedant Badarayana
Answer : :   All are the correct.

19. Who were the immediate successors of the Mauryas in Magadha?
Answer :  Sungas

20. Which one of the following item was collected only in case under the Mauryas?
Answer :    . Pranaya

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