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1. What is the correct chronological sequence of the under mentioned Pallava kings?
1. Nandivarman II
2. Mahendravarman I
3. Narasimhavarman I
4. Simhavishnu
Answer :    4, 2, 3, 1

2. Which Kavya of Sanskrit, deal with court intrigues & access to power of Chandragupta Maurya?
Answer :     Mudrarakshahsa

3. On which of the following systems of Hindu Philosophy, Shankara charya wrote commentary in 9th century AD?
Answer :    Uttarmimansa

4. The eighth-century tripartite power stru ggle was among …………….
Answer :    Chalukyas, Pallavas, Pandyas

5. Capital of the Videha Kingdom is 
Answer :    – Mithila

6. Which king started the organization of Kumbh fair at Allahabad?
Answer :     Harshavardhana

7. Upnishads are books on :
Answer :     Philosophy

8. Who was the first Indian ruler who had territory outside India?
Answer :     Kanishka

9. Ashoka the great Mauryan king died in 
Answer :    332 BC

10. Who were worshipped during Early Vedic Civilization?
Answer :    Varuna, Indra, Surya

11. Where were the hymns of Rig veda composed?
Answer :    Punjab

12. Which is a indus place having great bath in Larkana district of Sind pro vince in Pakistan?
Answer :     Mohenjo-Daro

13. What led to the end of Indus Valley Civilization?
Answer :     Invasion of Aryans, Recurrent Floods, Earthquakes

14. Who was the main male God worshipped by Indus people?
Answer :     pashupati

15. Ellora temple built by ?
Answer :     The Rashtrakutas

16. Dharmpala was the founder of ….. dynasty. 
Answer :    pala dynasty

17. Which of the following statement is/ are correct?
I. In the 326 BC Alexander invaded India.
II. Ambhi (king of TaxilA. welcomed Alexander and his men
III. Alexander died in 332 BC
Answer :     Only I, II

18. Who was the ruler of the kingdom bet ween the rivers Jhelum and Chenab?
Answer :     King Porus

19. Who was the last Hindu emperor of northern India?
Answer :     Harsha

20. Pulakesn 2 was the first ruler of the …………..
Answer :     Chalukya dynasty

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