SBI Clerk

Banking General Awareness for IBPS/ SBI Clerks

1. A person appointed by the court to look after the properties of the insolvent person is called:
a) Administrator
b) Liquidator
c) Assignee
d) Attorney
e) None of the above

2. BIS is an International Financial Institution located in Basel – Switzerland, was established on 17th May 1930. BIS stands for:
a) Bank for Industrial Settlements
b) Bank for International Settlements
c) Bank with Industrial standards
d) Bureau of Indian Standards
e) None of the above

3. Failure of internal systems, processes and people lead to:
a) Credit Risk
b) Market Risk
c) Liquidity Risk
d) Operational Risk
e) Technology Risk

4. Name the scheme under which these three categories of loans are given? Shishu- Covering loans upto Rs. 50,000/- , Kishor- Covering loans above Rs. 50,000/- up to Rs. 5 lakh Tarun- Covering loans above Rs. 5 lakh and up to Rs. 10 lakh.

5. Basel III Norms are to be fully implemented by……
a) 31st March 2020
b) 31st March 2019
c) 31st March 2025
d) 30th September 2014
e) None

6. As per Basel III, Banks would be required to maintain capital Adequacy Ratio of ________ including Capital Conservation Buffer (CCB).
a) 11.5
b) 10.5
c) 9.5
d) 8.5
e) 12.5

7. “Sans recourse endorsement” means:
a) Blank endorsement
b) Restrictive endorsement
c) Endorsement in full
d) without recourse to me
e) None

8. Companies look for Commercial Paper since they need:
a) Long Term Low Cost funds
b) Short Term High Cost funds
c) Long Term High Cost funds
d) Short Term Low Cost funds
e) None

9. Which among the following is not a Salient feature of SCSS (Senior Citizens Savings Scheme)
a) Any individual of the Age of 60 years or more may open the account.
b) Maturity period is 7 years.
c) A depositor may operate more than one account in individual capacity or jointly with spouse (husband/wife).
d) Account can be opened by cash for the amount below RS 1 lakh and for RS 1 Lakh and above by Cheque only.
e) Nomination facility is available at the time of opening and also after opening of account.

10. Under Indradhanus plan of the government which promised Rs 70,000 crore over period of four years ending March 2019 to bolster capital adequacy ratio. As part of the recapitalisation plan the finance ministry has approved proposal for infusion of Rs 7,577 crore in 6 weak public sector banks (PSBs) identified under PCA. What does the term PCA stands for:
a) Prompt Corrective Action
b) Preventive Corrective Action
c) Perfect Corrective Action
d) Possible Corrective Action
e) None of the above

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