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AP TET Model Paper – III Content and Methodology

1. WHO, NATO, SAARC, and BASIC are some of the examples of
a) Acronym
b) Initialism
c) Portmanteau word
d) Back formation

2. If you are to write a contradictory remark for the following sentence, choose the suitable option. He can speak English. ________________.
a) But either I can.
b) But neither I can.
c) But I can’t.
d) But can I?

3. They made the child ___________ the milk. Fill in the blank with a suitable infinitive.
a) drink
b) to drink
c) drank
d) drinking

4. It was ______________ that we didn’t go out. Which of the following options will be a meaningful option to fill in the blank?
a) so warm a day
b) a so warm day
c) so warm day
d) none of these

5. _______ more you read, _________ wiser you become. Which two articles would suit the blanks?
a) a, an
b) the, a
c) the, an
d) the, the

6. We swam ___________ the river. The suitable preposition to fill in the blank is :
a) across
b) over
c) upon
d) on

7. A child looks very much like her grandmother. One of the following expresses the same meaning. Choose the answer.
a) She takes off her grandmother
b) She takes after her grandmother
c) She takes upon her grandmother
d) She takes out her grandmother

8. One of the following sentences expresses more compulsion or obligation on the part of the speaker. Choose that sentence.
a) I have to see the doctor.
b) I should see the doctor
c) I must see the doctor.
d) None of the above.

9. ____________ of his real motive, I wouldn’t have supported him. The possible option is
a) If I have known
b) Had known
c) Had I known
d) If had I known

10. I didn’t like ____________ of these two dresses. Choose the suitable conjunction to fill in the blank.
a) either
b) neither
c) both
d) none

11. Identify one of the following question tags that is incorrect.
a) I am a lecturer, aren’t I?
b) Let’s go to a party, shall we?
c) We should never tell lies, shouldn’t we?
d) I don’t like an ice cream, do I?

12. The patient __________ died before the doctor came. The possible auxiliary verb is 
a) has
b) did
c) had
d) was

13. Observe the following sentences and the correct answer from the options.
1. The sceneries here are not good.
2. I heard these news in the morning.
3. He provided the blinds with food.
4. They have got lots of furniture.
a) 1 and 2 are correct.
b) Only 4 is correct.
c) Only 2 and 4 are correct.
d) Only 3 is correct.

14. Each sentence given below contains an idiom part of which has been omitted. Complete the sentence using the omitted part.
‘You hit the ____________ on the head when you said that politics is a dirty game.’
a) gun
b) nail
c) man
d) trunk

15. Fill in the blank with a preposition or an adverb particle that completes the phrasal verb.
I came ______________ an old friend of mine yesterday.
a) about
b) across
c) on
d) by

16. Fill in the blanks with appropriate relative pronoun.
There is no one ____________ has not lost a dear one.
a) whom
b) who
c) which
d) whose

17. ‘Please wait here till I return,’ she told him. When changed into indirect speech, the sentence reads like
a) She requested them to wait there till she returned.
b) She said to them to wait there till she returned.
c) She asked them to wait there till she returns.
d) She requested them to wait there till she had returned.

18. ‘The thief heard a noise. He ran away.’ The sentence, if combined meaningfully, reads like
a) When hearing a noise, the thief ran away.
b) Having hearing a noise, the thief ran away.
c) Hearing a noise, the thief ran away.
d) As he hearing a noise, the thief ran away.

19. One of the following is not a verb. Find the one.
a) Breathe
b) Bathe
c) Breath
d) Beat

20. ‘Your behavior disgusts me.’ Identify the correct passive form for the sentence.
a) I was disgusted by your behavior.
b) I have been disgusted by your behavior.
c) I am being disgusted by your behavior.
d) I am disgusted by your behavior.

Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions from 21 to 24. 
Joey put on his mask. He flapped his cape in front of the mirror. This is the best costume, he thought. I’m sure to win the contest. Joey skipped downstairs. Here I come to rescue you! Joey shouted. Nice costume, said Joey’s dad. I’m a superhero, said Joey. Joey, said Mom, I need you to watch Mindy at the party. Joey looked at his little sister. But Mom, superheroes don’t have kid sisters. Well this superhero has a sister, said Mom. What will Mindy’s costume be? asked Dad. I’m not sure, said Mom. Joey got an idea. I know! Joey took Mindy upstairs to his room. He dug through his closets. Joey found his baby blanket. He put it around Mindy’s shoulders. At the party, Superhero Joey and his sidekick Supergirl Mindy won first prize!
21. What was Joey supposed to do at the party?
a) fly in the air
b) help make the food
c) watch his little sister
d) clean up

22. Why did Joey dressed like a superhero?
a) to play with his sister.
b) to make fun of others
c) to participate a contest
d) to befool others

23. Which phrase in the passage means ‘searched’?
a) put on
b) dug through
c) put around
d) to rescue

24. What is the meaning of the word ‘sidekick’?
a) assistant
b) brother
c) sister
d) participant Methodology

25. Cognitive Approach deals with
a) Curriculum processes
b) Mental processes
c) Behavioural system
d) Classroom functions

26. One of the main Objectives of teaching is
a) to prepare students to pass the exams.
b) to motivate students to ask questions.
c) to provide them with lot of information.
d) to develop the capacity to think rationally.

27. Which of the following is NOT an instructional material?
a) charts
b) text books
c) stationery
d) classroom

28. Structural Approach gives priority to 
a) Grammar
b) Patterns of sentences
c) Learning by speaking
d) Oral practice

29. Which of the following is an example of Bilabial?
a) /h/
b) /k/
c) /b/
d) /m/

30. The ultimate purpose of education is to develop an individual into a sensible, rational and __________ being.
a) logical
b) moral
c) critical
d) fictional

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