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Which Indian States don’t have any RRBs as of now? Banking Awareness

1. Which Committee recommended setting up RRBs?
a) Narasimham Committee
b) Dr. Y.V. Reddy
c) Dr. Manmohan Singh
d) Dr. A. Vasudevan
e) SS Tarapore

2. Name the first RRB (Regional Rural Bank) set up in India?
a) Prathama Grameen Bank
b) Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas Bank
c) Odisha Grameena Bank
d) Paschim Banga Grameena Bank
e) Pragathi Krishna Gramin Bank

3. What is the Ownership ratio of stakeholders in the RRBs?
a) Central Govt-50%
b) State Govt-15%
c) Sponsor Bank-35%
d) State Government 50% and Sponsoring Bank 50%
e) a, b & c

4. Who regulates RRBs?
a) National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
b) Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
c) National Institute of Rural Development
d) Reserve Bank of India
e) None of the above

5. The law relating to negotiable instruments in India is contained in:
a) Banking Regulation Act , 1949
b) Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881
c) Bills of Exchange Act, 1882
d) Companies Act, 1956
e) None of the above

6. Which Indian States don’t have any RRBs as of now?
a) Goa
b) Sikkim
c) Karnataka
d) Bihar
e) a & b

7. The Regional Rural Banks (Amendment bill 2014) increased authorised capital from Rs.5 crore to?
a) Rs. 500 crore
b) Rs. 1,000 crore
c) Rs. 1,500 crore
d) Rs. 2,000 crore
e) Rs. 2,500 crore

8. Regional Rural Banks are formed under which act?
a) RRB Act, 1976
b) BR Act, 1949
c) RBI Act, 1934
d) Rural Branches Act 1975
e) None of the above

9. Committee for Recapitalisation of Regional Rural Banks is headed by:
a) K.C. Chakrabarty
b) N.H.Siddiqui
c) Jagdish Kapoor
d) C.R. Muralidharan
e) K.W. Korgaonkar

10. The first Regional Rural Banks was established on 2nd October in the year:
a) 1975
b) 1985
c) 1991
d) 2001
e) 2006

11. The main resources of RRBs are:
a) Share capital
b) Deposits from the public
c) Borrowing from Sponsor Banks
d) All of the above
e) Only a & b

12. Banks can receive deposits from customers up to maximum period of:
a) 3 years
b) 4 years
c) 5 years
d) 8 years
e) 10 years

13. The number of directors on the boards of RRBs has been raised to:
a) 14
b) 15
c) 16
d) 17
e) 18

14. Regional Rural bank are empowered to transact the business of banking as defined under:
a) Banking Regulation Act,1949
b) Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881
c) Regional Rural banks Act, 1976
d) None of these
e) All the above

15. Which of the following is not a material alteration?
a) Converting an order cheque to bearer cheque
b) Cancelling crossing on a cheque
c) Converting a bearer cheque to order cheque
d) Change in date on cheque
e) All the above

16. Regional Rural Banks are established:
a) Under Regional Rural Banks Act, 1976
b) To create an alternative channel to the ‘cooperative credit structure’
c) To ensure sufficient institutional credit for the rural and agriculture sector
d) With the capital provided by Central Govt, State Govt. and Sponsoring Bank
e) All the above

17. PM Awas Yojana is a ______ subsidy scheme.
a) Debit linked
b) Savings linked
c) Credit Linked
d) Expenditure linked
e) None of the above

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