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RRB Previous Question Papers in Telugu

1. When a ray of light passes from an optically denser medium to a rarer medium, it
a. Remains undeviated
b. Bends towards normal
c. Bends away from normal
d. None of these

2. Who is the author of &Anandmath ?
a. Rabindranath Tagore
b. Bankim chandra Chattopadhyaya
c. Sarojini Nayadu
d. Jyotiba Phule

3. Thimpu is the capital of –
a. Nepal
b. Bhutan
c. Thailand
d. Myanmar

4. The time period of a seconds pendulum is
a. 1 second
b. 4 seconds
c. 3 seconds
d. 2 seconds

5. The nuclear fuel in the sun is
a. Helium
b. Uranium
c. Hydrogen
d. Oxygen

6. The second’s hand of a watch is 2 cm long) The velocity of its tip is
a. 0)21 cm/sec)
b. 2)1 cm/sec)
c. 21 cm/sec)
d. None of these

7. In diesel engine, ignition is caused by
a. Spark
b. Automatic starter
c. Compression
d. Friction

8. The mass-energy equivalence, relationship E = mc2 was propounded by
a. Max Plank
b. Einstein
c. Newton
d. Hertz

9. The filament of bulb is made of
a. Tungsten
b. Iron
c. Nichrome
d. Carbon

10. Anti-knocking can be lessened by
a. Iso Octane
b. N Heptane
c. TEL
d. Benzene

11. In which of the following oxidation shows a positive oxidation state)
a. CO
b. N2O
c. NO
d. F2O

12. Which of the following is used in photography?
a. Silver Bromide
b. Sodium Bromide
c. Potassium Chloride
d. Sodium Sulphate

13. Which of the following is used in accumulator cell?
a. Copper
b. Iron
c. Lead
d. Zinc

14. Choose the wrongstatement :
a. Single magnetic poles can exist
b. Magnetic poles are always of equal strength
c. Like poles repel each other
d. None of these

15. Laws of electrolysis are given by:
a. Farady
b. Maxwell
c. Lenz
d. Bohr

16. Flemings left hand rule is used to fine out:
a. Direction of magnetic field due to flow of current
b. Direction of induced current due to effect of magnetic field
c. Direction of motion of a current carrying conductor in magnetic field
d. None of these

17. The pH of a neutral solution at 250C is :
a. 0
b. 1.0
c. 7.0
d. 1.4

18. The raw material used for the manufacture of Portland cement is :
a. Limestone and clay
b. Alumina, clay and gypsum
c. Gypsum and limestone
d. Gypsum and clay

19. CaOCI2 is the chemical formula for a compound commonly known as :
a. Soda Ash
b. Lime
c. Bleaching Powder
d. Plaster of Paris

20. The glass used for making laboratory apparatus is :
a. Pyrex glass
b. Hard glass
c. Soft glass
d. Safety glass

21. The iron produced in blast furnace is :
a. Pig iron
b. Wrought iron
c. Stainless steel
d. Steel

22. Formation is a 40% solution of :
a. Methanol
b. Methenal
c. Methanoic acid
d. None of these

23. Which of the following is not an ore of aluminium :
a. Cryolite
b. Feldspar
c. Bauxite
d. Azurite

24. Rhombic monoclinic and plastic sulphur are:
a. Isomers
b. Isotopes
c. Allotropes
d. Hydrides of sulphur

25. The alkaline hydrolysis of oils or fats gives soap and :
a. Glycerol
b. Ethenol
c. Glycol
d. Ethanoic acid

26. The sight of a delicious food usually makes month watery) It is a :
a. Hormonal response
b. Neural response
c. Optic response
d. Olfactory response

27. Nitrogen fixing bacteria are normally found in :
a. Parasitic plants
b. Epiphytic plants
c. Leguminous plants
d. Aquatic plants

28. Powdery mildew of wheat is caused by:
a. Bacteria
b. Virus
c. Fungi
d. Protozoans

29. Septic sore throat is caused by :
a. Bacteria
b. Virus-Answer
c. Fungi
d. Protozoans

30. A person of blood group AB can give blood to :
a. ‘A’ and ‘B’
b. Only ‘AB’
c. ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘O’
d. All of these

31. Cell activities are controlled by :
a. Chloroplast
b. Nitochondria
c. Cytoplasm
d. Nucleus

32. Which of the following helps eye to adjust the focal length of the eye lens :
a. Cornea
b. Conjunctiva
c. Ciliary body
d. Iris

33. When pollen of a flower is transferred to the stigma of the same plant, pollination type is referred to as :
a. Autogamy
b. Allogamy
c. Xenogamy
d. Geitonogamy

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