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Indian Geography Questions and Answers – Which city is known as the ‘City of Pearls’?

1. Which of the following states does not touch the India – China border?
a) Uttarakhand
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) Himachal Pradesh
d) Sikkim

2. Which one among the following cities is called the ‘Zero Mile Center’ of India?
a) Kanpur
b) Allahabad
c) Nagpur
d) New Delhi

3. Which is the largest state of India on the basis of surface area?
a) Madhya Pradesh
b) Rajasthan
c) Uttar Pradesh
d) Maharashtra

4. Amarkantak plateau in the Maikal hills marks the origin of the river:
a) Chambal
b) Narmada
c) Ghandak
d) Ghaggar

5. Which one among the following places in India is nearest to the tropic of cancer?
a) Aizawl
b) Kolkata
c) Rajkot
d) Imphal

6. Which one among the following parts of India falls under earthquake zone V?
a) Western Ghats
b) Indo-Gangetic Basin
c) Vindhyan Region
d) North-Eastern Region

7. Veliconda group of low hills is a structural part of:
a) Cardamom Hills
b) Western Ghats
c) Eastern Ghats
d) Nilgiri Hills

8. The mountains which are not a part of the Himalayan chain?
a) Aravalli
b) Hindukush
c) Karakoram
d) Kunlun

9. Where is ‘Ninety East Ridge’ situated?
a) Pacific Ocean
b) Indian Ocean
c) Atlantic Ocean
d) Arctic Ocean

10. What is the difference between IST and GMT?
a) 5 hours 10 minutes
b) 5 hours 20 minutes
c) 5 hours 30 minutes
d) 5 hours 40 minutes

11. Nine Degree Channel Separates:
a) Car Nicobar and Great Nicobar
b) Lakshadweep and Minicoy
c) Little Andaman and Car Nicobar
d) North Andaman and South Andaman

12. The pass located in Himachal Pradesh is:
a) Shipki La
b) Zoji La
c) Nathu La
d) Jelep La

13. Guwahati is situated on the bank of the river:
a) Teesta
b) Brahmaputra
c) Hooghly
d) Sone

14. Which of the following is a Trans-Himalayan river?
a) Sutlej
b) Ganges
c) Ravi
d) Yamuna

15. The place located at the confluence of Alakananda and Pindar rivers is:
a) Rudraprayag
b) Karnaprayag
c) Devaprayag
d) Vishnuprayag

16. On which river Hirakud dam is located?
a) Damodar
b) Barakar
c) Hoogly
d) Mahanadi

17. Which of the following dams is constructed across Krishna River?
a) Ukail Dam
b) Krishnaraja Sagar Dam
c) Srisailam Dam
d) Mettur Dam

18. When you travel in certain parts of India, you will notice Red soil. What is the main reason for this colour?
a) Abundance of Magnesium
b) Accumulated Humus
c) Presence of Ferric Oxides
d) Abundance of Phosphates

19. Which one among the following is a micronutrient Present in soil for various crops?
a) Calcium
b) Manganese
c) Magnesium
d) Potassium

20. Which of the following soils is most ideal for Paddy cultivation?
a) Laterite soil
b) Red Soil
c) Black Soil
d) Alluvial Soil

21. Where in India is the Jim Corbett national park located?
a) Uttarkhand
b) Jammu and Kashmir
c) Bihar
d) Madhya Pradesh

22. Which one is regarded as “World Heritage Forest”?
a) Nandankanan (Odisha)
b) Kaziranga (Assam)
c) Sundarbans (West Bengal)
d) Indian Botanical Garden

23. Which is the best bird sanctuary in Haryana?
a) Sultanpur
b) Bharatpur
c) Rajaji
d) Sariska

24. Which one among the following is not a Biosphere reserve?
a) Gulf of Mannar
b) Nilgiri
c) Sunderban
d) Kaziranga

25. ‘Northwesters’ or ‘KalBaishakhi’ give rainfall to:
a) Goa
b) West Bengal
c) Rajasthan
d) Punjab

26. Tamil Nadu coast receives rainfall during:
a) North Eastern Monsoon season
b) South West Monsoon season
c) Pre-Monsoon season
d) Retreating southwest Monsoon season

27. Dalmianagar of Bihar is famous for:
a) Silk
b) Cement
c) Leather
d) Jute

28. ‘Mumbai High’ is associated with:
a) Steel
b) Petroleum
c) Mausoleum
d) Jute

29. Among sources of power, India has largest reserves of:
a) Coal
b) Oil
c) Natural gas
d) Atomic power

30. Which city is known as the “City of Pearls”?
a) Kandla
b) Tuticorin
c) Hyderabad
d) Kochi

31. What is Khetri in Rajasthan famous for:
a) Copper Mines
b) Mica Mines
c) Bauxite
d) Limestone Mines

32. The resources which can be used continuously, year-after-year are called:
a) Biotic
b) Abiotic
c) Non-renewable
d) Renewable

33. Which of the following metals is used for generation of nuclear power?
a) Silver
b) Gold
c) Uranium
d) Copper

34. When was Petroleum discovered first in commercial quantities in India?
a) 1880
b) 1808
c) 1890
d) 1856

35. India’s first nuclear test was conducted in:
a) Champaran
b) Pokhran
c) Jawahar sagar
d) Chickmagular

36. The energy that can harness heat stored below the earth’s surface is known as:
a) Thermal energy
b) Nuclear energy
c) Tidal energy
d) Geothermal energy

37. The highest grade and energy best quality coal is:
a) Lignite
b) Anthracite
c) Bituminous
d) Peat

38. Dry farming in India is extensively practiced in:
a) Kanara plains
b) Deccan Plateau
c) Coromandal Plains
d) Ganga plains

39. Which one of the following is categorized as millet?
a) Wheat
b) Rice
c) Sorghum
d) Maize

40. Which of the following is not a Kharif Crop?
a) Cotton
b) Groundnut
c) Maize
d) Mustard

41. “Multipurpose river valley projects are the New Temples of modern India”. The above
statements are made by:
a) Motilal Nehru
b) Jawaharlal Nehru
c) Rajiv Gandhi
d) Mahatma Gandhi

42. On which river is the Nagarjuna Sagar Project located?
a) Krishna
b) Godavari
c) Cauvery
d) Tapti

43. Tehri dam is built on which of the following rivers?
a) Ganges
b) Brahmaputra
c) Bhagirathi
d) Yamuna

44. Which dam of India is the highest?
a) Mettur
b) Rihand
c) Thein
d) Tehri

45. Which is the leading state in India in “Ship Breaking” industry?
a) Maharashtra
b) West Bengal
c) Tamil Nadu
d) Gujarat

46. Angora wool is extracted from which animal?
a) Rabbit
b) Fox
c) Sheep
d) Goat

47. Mumbai is famous for:
a) Sugar industry
b) Plastic industry
c) Cotton textile industry
d) Heavy Electrical industry

48. Tata Iron and Steel Company is located at:
a) Kolkata
b) Jamshedpur
c) Burnpur
d) Kulti

49. Which city is called as ‘Manchester of India’?
a) Ahmedabad
b) Coimbatore
c) Sholapur
d) Chennai

50. National remote sensing Agency is located in:
a) Hyderabad
b) Bangalore
c) Ahmadabad
d) Trivandrum

51. Which of the following registers the highest density in the country as per census 2011?
a) Chandigarh
b) New Delhi
c) Puducherry
d) West Bengal

52. Which state has the largest population of Scheduled Tribes?
a) Arunachal Pradesh
b) Sikkim
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) Jharkhand

53. The headquarters of the Central Railways is at:
a) Mumbai
b) Jaipur
c) Nagpur
d) Vijayawada

54. The soil of Kerala is rich in which of the following soils?
a) Alluvial soil
b) Laterite soil
c) Sandy soil
d) Loamy soil

55. Sun temple is situated in which of the following states?
a) Odisha
b) Gujarat
c) Karnataka
d) Tamil Nadu

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