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B.Com Commerce (Auditing) Old Question Paper – April 2017

Code: 6202
B.Com Sixth Semester Examinations March/April 2017
PART II : Commerce
Auditing – II
Max. Marks: 75                                                                                                                Time: 3 Hrs
Answer any five questions. Each question carries Three marks (5X3M 15 Marks)
a. Purpose of Investigation
b. Audit Note Book
c. Valuation of Investment
d. Appointment by Special Resolution
e. Liability of Joint Auditor
f. Audit Certificate
g. Business Report
h. Rough Draft

Answer any four questions. Each question carries fifteen marks                        4×15 = 60 Marks
2. Distinguish between Auditing and Investigation
3. Distinguish between Verification and valuiaion of Assets
4. Explain the Qualifications and Disqualification of a Company Auditor
5. Discuss about Rules regarding Appointment and Reappointment of an Auditor
6. Bring out the contents of an Audit Report
7, Discuss the rights and duties of an Auditor
8. Discuss in detail the basic principles of a Report wriing
9. Give an overview on various kinds of Business Letters

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