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B.Com Computer Applications(Fundamentals of Java) Question Paper

Paper Code: 8205
B.Com Sixth Semester Examinations March/April 2017
PART- ll: Computer Applications
Paper VIll: Fundamentals of Java
Time: 3 Hrs                                                                                                          Max. Marks: 75
I. Answer the following objective Questions.  5×1= 5M
1. Which looping process is best used when the number of iterations is known?
a) while
b) do – while
c) for
d) all looping processes require that the iterations be known
2. ? and : are_____________operators
a) logical
b) arithmetic
c) conditional
d) None
3. What is the output of relational operators?
a) integer
b) boolean
c) characters
d) double
4. Which function is used to perform some action when the object is to be destroyed?
a) finalize()
b) delete()
c) main()
d) None
5. Which of these keywords is used to make a class?
a) class
b) struct
c) int
d) None
ll. Fill in the Blanks with a suitable word: 5×1= 5M
1. ________________looping process checks the test condition at the end of the loop.
2. The statement it i++; is equivalent to______________
3. ____________operator is used to allocate memory for an object.
4. _____________statement can skip processing remainder of code in its body for a particular iteration
5. ______________is used as default for a member of a class if no access control is used for it.
III. State whether True (T) or False (F):5×1= 5M
1. Each pass through a loop is called iteration.
2. A continue statement causes execution to skip to the next iteration of the loop
3. do while loop will execute the body of loop even when condition controlling the loop is initially false.
4. Public access control cannot be used for an interface
5. switch statement is more efficient than a set of nested ifs
IV. Match the following :5×1= 5M
1. try …… catch    A.) exception
2. public               B.) access control
3. Thread              C.) implements
4. interface           D.) sleep ()
5. constructor       E.) extends
                             F.) java file
                            G.) method
Answer any FIVE short answer questions from the following by choosing at least one cuestion from each unit. Each question carries 5 Marks.  5×1= 5M
1. Write a Java program on conditional operators.
2. Explain about Bitwise operators with examples in Java.
3. Explain about assignment operators and logical operators with examples.

4. Explain about if else statement with syntax and example.

5. Explain about switch-case statement with syntax and example.
6. Explain about nested if with example.
7. List the differences between while and do-while loops.
8. Explain about break and continue statements with syntax and example.
9. Explain about for loop with syntax and example.
10. Explain about access controls in Java
11. Define constructor. Explain about default constructor with example.
12. Explain about exceptions with examples.
Answer any TWO of the following. Each Question carries 15 Marks. 2x15M = 30M
13. Define an operator. Discuss about various types of operators in Java with examples
14. Discuss about various conditional statements in Java with syntax and examples
15. Define loop. Discuss about various types of loops in Java with syntax and examples.
16. Define a thread. Discuss about a life cycle of a thread with a neat diagram.

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