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Botany Inter 1st Year

1. The viability of pollen grain is tested in laboratory by:
1) Germinating in 0.25M sucrose solution
2) Tetrazolium chloride
3) Lactophenol
4) Scanning Electron Microscopy

2. Female gametophyte develops from Megaspore Mother Cell after:
1) Meiotic division followed by mitotic divisions
2) Meiotic division
3) Many mitotic divisions
4) Mitotic divisions followed by meiotic division

3. Which one of the following statement is correct?
1) In geitonogamy, flowers are invariably unisexual
2) Xenogamy involves transfer of pollen from male flower to female flower
3) In cleistogamous flowers both stamens and pistil mature at the same time
4) Autogamous flowers are generally not attractive to insects

4. How many flowers from the following list, fruits develop from inferior ovaries?
Paddy, Coconut, Fig, Apple, Cucurbita, Citrus, Datura, Mustard, Sunflower, Guava, Acacia
1) Two
2) Three
3) Five
4) Four

5. What will be the response of an herbaceous plant exposed to an atmosphere of low oxygen levels during day time?
1) Stomata close
2) Increase in Glycolysis
3) No significant change in respiration
4) Increase in rate of photosynthesis

6. Which one of the following statements is wrong?
1) Avena coleoptile curvature test is performed in dark or red light.
2) Test is used to know the presence and concentration of auxins in a given substance
3) Even without light curvature is observed in the coleoptiles
4) Test is based on phototropic movement of the coleoptile

7 Root pressure is observed:
1) Only during day time
2) When absorption exceeds transpiration
3) When ionic concentration is more in xylem
4) When water column breaks in xylem

8. In a cross between two pea plants with genotype RrYY and rrYy, which of the following phenotypes do not appear in the progeny. (“R” is for round and “r’ for wrinkle seed: “Y’ is for Yellow and “y’ is for green cotyledons)
a) Round Yellow
b) Round Green
c) Wrinkled Green
d) Wrinkled Yellow
1) (a) and (b)
2) (b) and (c)
3) Only (b)
4) Except (b)

9. Functions not attributed to rRNA:
1) It is a structural component of the cell
2) It helps in genetic expression
3) It is a regulator of gene expression
4) It is a carrier of genetic information

10. Ability to form different structural features in response to environment is called as:
1) Stimulation
2) Differentiation
3) Plasticity
4) Adaptation

11. The paddy variety nicknamed as “miracle rice”?
1) Golden Rice
2) IR8
3) Jaya
4) Ratna

12. Wrong statement from the following?
1) Biennials like cabbages or carrots can be induced to flower in the same season by Gibberellic acid
2) Spring variety rye sown in spring flowers normally
3) Winter variety must be planted in autumn for normal flowering
4) Biennials require vernalization to flower in the same season

13. DNA melting refers to:
1) Disrupting the covalent bonds between complementary sequences
2) Breaking the hydrogen bonds between complementary DNA strands
3) Making the DNA crystals into liquid form
4) Cutting DNA strands into smaller fragments

14. Use of Taq polymerase in PCR is:
1) It is much faster than other polymerases
2) Aberrations are minimum
3) It can withstand high temperatures
4) All the above

15. What term is used for a non & protein organic molecule that is required by some enzymes in order to catalyse a reaction on a substrate?
1) Co-factor
2) Apoenzyme
3) Inducer
4) Co-enzyme

16. Cytochrome a1, a3 complex has highest affinity for:
1) Protons
2) Copper
3) Oxygen
4) All the above

17. In Antirrhinum majus colour of the flower can be red or white or pink. True statement regarding this is:
1) Colour of the flower is controlled by three different genes
2) Colour is multiple allelic. Red dominant over both pink and white
3) Colour is biallelic but do not segregate
4) Red and white are true breeds. Red is not completely dominant over white

18. Correct statement regarding the figure given here:
1) A-Fusion of motile isogametes B-Formation of motile zygote
2) B – Tetraflagellate binucleate zygote C – Diploid individual
3) A-Union of heterogametes B-Formation of Zygote
4) A, B, C are conjugation of individuals resulting in zygote

Botany Inter 1st Year

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