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Panchayat Secretary Exam General Knowledge Questions

1. Megasthenes visited India in the period of?
A) Chandra Gupta II
B) Ashoka
C) Chandragupta Maurya
D) Harsha

2. Which of the following gives the contemporaries of Kanishka?
A) Kambar, Banabhatta, Asvagosha
B) Nagarjuna, Asvagosha, Vasumitra
C) Asvagosha, Kalidasa, Nagarjuna
D) Asvagosha and Kambar

3. Which of the following gives the correct pair?
1. Ellora Caves-Sakas
2. Mahabalipuram-Rashtrakutas
3. Meenakshi Temple-Pallavas
4. Khajuraho-Chandela of these statements:
A) All are correct
B) Only 1 and 2 are correct
C) 1, 2 and 4 are correct
D) Only 4 is correct

4. The depiction of the stories of the previous lives of Gautam Buddha was firstly done in the art of?
A) Sarnath Pillar of Ashoka
B) Bharhut Stupa
C) Ajanta Caves
D) Ellora Caves

5. The Sultan who desecrated the Puri Jagannath Temple and Jwalamukhi Temple at Kangra was?
A) Balban
B) Alauddin Khilji
C) Sikander Lodi
D) Firoz Shah Tughlaq

6. The early Tamil poet who makes a reference to the Nandas and Mauryas in his work is?
A) Sattanar
B) Ilango Adigal
C) Kapilar
D) Mamulanar

7. One of the main advantages of Panchayat Raj is?
A) It gives a sense of political awareness to rural masses
B) It gives a parallel government to rural areas
C) It serves the rural people well
D) It increases employment in rural areas

8. The maximum time gap between two successive sessions of Parliament can be?
A) 4 months
B) 6 months
C) 1 year
D) As specified by the President

9. Functions to be assigned to Panchayats by 73rd Amendment of the Constitution are mentioned in?
A) Tenth Schedule
B) Eleventh Schedule
C) Tweleth Schedule
D) Thirteenth Schedule

10. Education is a subject found in which List?
A) Union List
B) State List
C) Concurrent List
D) None of these

11. The maximum strength of the nominated members in both the Houses of Parliament can be?
A) 10
B) 12
D) 18

12. Rickets is caused by the deficiency of?
A) Vitamin A
B) Protein
C) Iodine
D) Vitamin D

13. Which of the following is not a function of Vitamins?
A) Useful in metabolism
B) To give energy
C) Useful in growth
D) Useful in digestion

14. In the human body, fats are stored in?
A) Epithelial cells
B) Adipose tissue
C) Epidermis
D) Liver

15. Which of the following is maximum in the human body?
A) Oxygen
B) Carbon
C) Nitrogen
D) All equal

16. Snake venom is harmful to human body due to?
A) It attacks the nervous system
B) It attacks the nervous system and blood circulation
C) Coagulation and anticoagulation of blood
D) None of the above

17. Plant growth can be improved with the help of?
A) Hormones
B) Vitamins
C) Proteins
D) Carbohydrates

18. The process of zinc coating on iron is known as?
A) Electroplating
B) Galvanization
C) Vulcanization
D) Synthetic coating

19. The principle of cleaning by soap is?
A) Surface tension
B) Floatation
C) Viscosity
D) Elasticity

20. What is the full form of PPP as used in financial world?
A) Purchasing Power Parity
B) Per capita Potential Purchases
C) Public Per capita Power
D) Present Purchasing Power

21. If a piece of ice in a cup of water melts, the level of water?
A) Increases
B) Decreases
C) Is unchanged
D) Increases or decreases depending on altitude

22. A substance which glows and is used in matches is?
A) Sodium
B) Phosphorus
C) Sulphur
D) Chlorine

23. During a hot day, fan gives relief because?
A) It gives cool air
B) It helps in circulation of air
C) Of evaporation of sweat from the body
D) None of these

24. In milk, fat content is reduced during?
A) Winter
B) Summer
C) Rainy seasons
D) No effect of seasons

25..Urea is prepared by the chemical reaction of?
A) Ammonium nitrate and Water
B) Ammonia and Carbon dioxide
C) Ammonia and Sulphuric acid
D) Calcium phosphate and Sulphuric acid

26.Who presides over the National Development Council of India?
A) Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission of India
B) Prime Minister of India
C) Finance Minister of India
D) Vice President of India

27. .DWCRA stands for?
A) Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas
B) Direct Welfare of Children in Rural Areas
C) Development and Welfare of Catchment Rural Areas
D) None of the above

28.Which one of the following institutions prepares the National Income Estimates in India?
A) Planning Commission
B) Reserve Bank of India
C) Central Statistical Organisation
D) Indian Statistics Institute

29.The capital of IMF is made up by contribution of the?
A) Credit
B) Deficit financing
C) Member nations
D) Borrowings

30.We see constellations at different positions at different parts of the night because?
A) Earth moves round the sun
B) Earth revolves round its axis
C) Constellations move faster than the earth
D) Both move in opposite directions

31.Which one of the following longitudes determines the Indian Standard Time?
A) 85.5°E
B) 86.5°E
C) 84.5°E
D) 82.5°E

32. ‘Manchester’ of South India is?
A) Coimbatore
B) Madurai
C) Bengaluru
D) Chennai

33.Where is the Central Rice Research Institute located?
A) Kanpur
B) Bengaluru
C) Coimbatore
D) Cuttack

34. Mana pass is located within Nandadevi Biosphere reserve in?
A) Kalka
B) Uttarakhand
C) Haryana
D) Uttar Pradesh

35. Which one of the following oil fields of India is the oldest and still producing oil?
A) Bombay High
B) Digboi
C) Ankleshwar
D) Naharkatiya

36. Which is the artificial port of India?
A) Kandla
B) Mangalore
C) Chennai
D) Haldia

37. The largest tribal group of India is?
A) Bhils
B) Gonds
C) Santhals
D) Tharus

38. A proclamation of National Emergency automatically suspends?
A) All Fundamental Rights
B) Right to Freedom
C) Right to Constitutional Remedies
D) No Fundamental Right

39. President is elected by?
A) Proportional representation by list system
B) First past post system
C) Single member territorial representation
D) Proportional representation by single transferable vote

40. Which one of the following computing is used in the GARUDA Grid of Indian government?
A) Sequential computing
B) Linear computing
C) Cross-section computing
D) Parallel computing

41. Who discovered the Indus Valley Civilisation?
A) Sir Leonard Wooly
B) VS Agrawal
C) Dayaram Sahni
D) AL Basham

42. Which of the following is the capital of the Bangladesh?
A) Dhaka
B) Kabul
C) Vienna
D) Brasillia

43. Whom did PV Sindhu defeated to win the Indian open super series 2017?
A) Sayaka Sato
B) Cardina Main
C) Kirsty Gilmour
D) Maria Febe

44. Who has been appointed as the CEO of Gulf oil India for a day?
A) Ranbir Singh
B) John Abrahim
C) Virat Kohli
D)MS Dhoni

45.As per NIRF Survey, which is the India’s top University in 2017?
A) IIT Delhi
B) IISC Bangalore
C) IIM Ahmedabad
D) ISB Hyderabad

Panchayat Secretary Exam General Knowledge Questions

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