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APPSC Panchayat Secretary Current Affairs

1) Which state Chief Minister was conferred with One more Prestigious Award. US – India Business Council conferred ‘USIBC Transformative Chief Minister’.?
a. Andhra pradesh
b. Uttar pradesh
c. Gujarath
d. Kerala

2) Union minister for agriculture and farmers’ welfare Radha Mohan Singh recently inaugurated International Centre for Foot and Mouth Disease (ICFMD) at …….?
a. Agra
b. Bhubhaneshwar
c. Dispur
d. kottayam

3) The space company that launched and retrieved its first recycled rocket on 30th March 2017 is ………..?
a. SpaceX
b. Tesla
c. European space agency
d. Falcon 9

4) Who among the following was appointed as the new chairman of Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC)recently?
a. Vani sharma
b. Vanaja N. Sarna
c. Vanitha K. Tummala
d.Veditha K shukla

5) Name the country that is set to prohibit mining for gold and other metals ?
a. Canada
b. South africa
c. EI Salvador
d. Cuba

6) Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) on March 30, 2017 declared SV Sunil as the Asian Player of the Year 2016. He is the player of which sport?
a. Hockey
b. Volleyball
c. Football
d. Kabaddi

7) Kanha has become the first tiger reserve in which country to officially introduce a mascot.?
a. Nepal
b. India
c. Bhutan
d. Srilanka

8) The government has launched two mobile apps, e-challan and mParivahan, that provide access to various services and information, and enable citizens to report which among the following?
a. Banking problems
b. Tax prolems
c. Road traffic
d. Transport vehicles problems

9) The third meeting of the G20 Framework Working Group concluded recently in which city?
a. Varanasi
b. Agra
c. Delhi
d. Hyderabad

10) The US Senate recently voted to approve Montenegro country as the ……..member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)?
a. 28th
b. 29th
c. 30th
d. 31st

11) The 46th grandmaster of India is …….?
a. Vishwanathan anand
b. Supritha rai
c. Srinath narayanan
d. Sudeep acharya

12) The first state to win all major domestic BCCI tournaments in a year is …………?
a. Bihar
b. Gujarath
c. Tamilnadu
d. Andhra pradesh

13) ATC Fibernet has launched wireless broadband internet services with a speed of 1 Gbps for the first time in India in which city?
a. Hyderabad
b. Panaji
c. Patna
d. Bhubhaneshwar

14) The oldest and most seasoned spacewoman, Peggy Whitson broke which of the following records?
a. Longest duration of spacewalk performed by a woman
b. Most number of days at ISS for women
c. Both a & b
d. Most spacewalks performed by a woman

15) Recently India has become part of which Association that will allow the country play a more visible and influential role in the international energy landscape.?
b. DTC
c. IEA
d. IPA

16) Name the sports drama that was voted Best film of 2016 by the Film Companion Critics Poll?
a. Dangal
b. PK
c. Chak De India
d. India the future

17) Google recently announced the introduction of Knowledge Graph in which language on Google Search.?
a. Tamil
b. Sanskrit
c. Bengali
d. Telugu

18) Which cricketer recently received Garfield Sobers Trophy for being named the ICC Cricketer of the Year as well as the ICC Test Cricketer of the Year.?
a. Ravichandran Ashwin
b. Virat kohli
c. Ajinkya rahane
d. Bhuvaneshwar kumar

19) State bank of India is offering credit cards to holders with balance of INR 20 to 25 thousand. Name the cards?
a. Atyunnati
b. Utsaham
c. Josh cards
d. Unnati

20) The first company to become a member of ASCI among the following is …..?
a. payTm
b. payPal
c. PayU
d. Snapdeal

21) Name the country that became the net exporter of electricity during April – February 2017 for the first time?
a. India
b. Nepal
c. USA
d. Canada

22) The UN conference that was boycotted by India on 27th March 2017 is …………..?
a. Negotiation of legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons leading to complete elimination
b. Prohibiting nuclear tests
c. Prohibiting nuclear weapons
d. None

23) Axis Bank is set to open its first international finance branch at the International Financial Services Center (IFSC) in which state?
a. Gujarath
b. Bihar
c. Madhya pradesh
d. Maharashtra

24) World Theatre Day was initiated in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute (ITI), France. It is celebrated annually on …………….?
a. March 29
b. March 27
c. March 26
d. March 25

25) Name the INS that fired the Barak missile on 22nd March?
a. INS Vikramaditya
b. INS Saurashtra
c. INS Kaveri
d. INS sudhamshu

26) Which country become the third largest aviation market in terms of domestic passenger traffic, beating Japan?
a. China
b. India
c. Nepal
d. Bhutan

27) Recently the ‘World Conference on Environment’ was organized by the National Green Tribunal on march 25th in which city?
a. Agra
b. Chandigarh
c. New delhi
d. Pune

28) NASA will launch a balloon based observatory called GUSTO, which of the following statements are true about it?
a. This is known as Galactic/Extragalactic ULDB Spectroscopic Terahertz Observatory or GUSTO.
b. GUSTO will provide the first complete study of all phases of the stellar life cycle, from the formation of molecular clouds, through star birth and evolution, to the formation of gas clouds and the re-initiation of the cycle.
c. The mission is targeted for launch in 2021 from McMurdo, Antarctica, and is expected to stay in the air between 100 to 170 days, depending on weather conditions.
d. All above are true

29) Which edition of Conference of the Auditors General of Commonwealth Countries and British Overseas Territories was held in India in New Delhi recently?
a. 23rd
b. 24th
c. 25th
d. 27th

30) The 5th edition of the Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav 2017 was held in Tawang . In which state it is ?
a. Andhra pradesh
b. Gujarath
c. Arunachal pradesh
d. Sikkim

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