1) Read the following statements carefully.
i) Primary succession is a very slow process taking thousands of years for the climax to be reached.
ii) Energy at a higher trophic level is always more than at a lower level.
iii) Bacterial and fungal enzymes degrade detritus into simpler inorganic substances. This process in called
iv) All succession whether taking place in water or on land, proceeds to a similar climax community- the mesic.
which of the two above statements are correct?
a) i and ii
b) ii and iii
c) i and iv
d) iii and iv

2) Electron micrographic view of which stage of prophase-I will show synaptonemal complex?
a) Leptotene
b) Pachytene
c) Zygotene
d) Diplotene.

3) Which one of the following shows the correct hierarchial arrangement?
a) Kingdom -> Class -> Phylum -> Family-> Order -> Genus -> Species
b) Kingdom -> Family ->Class -> Phylum-> Order -> Genus -> Species
c) Kingdom -> Phylum -> Class -> Order->Family -> Genus -> Species
d) Kingdom -> Phylum-> Family -> Class-> Order -> Genus -> Species

4) Which of the following cell organelles constitute the part of endomembrane system?
a) Peroxisomes, Golgi complex, mitochondria, lysosomes
b) ER, mitochondria, lysosomes, vacuoles
c) ER, Golgi complex , mitochondria, lysosomes
d) ER, Golgi complex, lysosomes, vacuoles

5) Which of the following groups of animals are uricotelic?
a) Reptiles, birds, land snails, insects
b) Reptiles, birds, land snails, aquatic insects
c) Aquatic amphibians, birds, land snails, insects
d) Amphibians, reptiles, birds, insects

6) The bottled fruit juices bought from the market are clearer as compared to those made at home. This is because
a) bottled juices are clarified by the use of streptokinase
b) bottled juices consist of lowering agents.
c) bottled juices are clarified by the use of pectinases and proteases.
d) none of the above.

7) Which of the following shows the correct sequence of flow of electrons in ETS?
a) NADH dehydrogenase -> ubiquinone -> cytochrome b -> cytochrome c1 -> cytochrome c -> cytochrome a – a3
b) FADH dehydrogenase -> ubiquinone -> cytochrome c1 -> cytochrome b-> cytochrome c -> cytochrome a – a3
c) NADH dehydrogenase -> ubiquinone -> cytochrome b -> cytochrome c-> cytochrome c1-> cytochrome a – a3
d) FADH dehydrogenase -> ubiquinone -> cytochrome b -> cytochrome c-> cytochrome c1 -> cytochrome a – a3

8) Which of the following is a correct match?
a) Cray fish – Elasmobranch
b) Cuttle fish – Osteichthyes
c) Jelly fish – Echinodermata
d) Silver fish – Arthropoda

9) Which of the following groups of cofactor are tightly bound to the enzyme?
a) Prosthetic group
b) Coenzyme
c) Metal ions
d) Apoenzyme

10) Which of the following blood groups can be donated to the person with AB blood group?
a) A, O
b) B, O
c) A, B, AB
d) AB, A, B, O.

11) Read the following statements and select the right option having both correct statements.
i) In simple cuboidal epithelium nuclei are rounded and lie in the centre of the cells.
i) Non-keratinized epithelium is impermeable to water.
iii) Yellow elastic fibrocartilage makes cartilage flexible.
iv) Areolar tissue forms a shock absorbing cushion around the eye balls and kidneys.
a) I and iii
b) I and ii
c) iii and iv
d) ii and iv

12) A cell with DPD= 5 is surrounded by cells A, B, C and D having OP & TP respectively 5 and 4, 7 and 5, 3 & 2 and zero and zero. From which cell it will draw water faster?
a) D
b) C
c) B
d) A

13) Which is not correctly matched?
a) Annelida -> Enterocoelomate
b) Platyhelminthes -> Acoelomate
c) Arthropoda -> Schizocoelomate
d) Nemathelminthes -> Pseudocoelomate

14) Vagina, oesophagus, urethra contain which type of tissue?
a) Stratified squamous epithelium
b) Simple squamous epithelium
c) Ciliated epithelium
d) Columnar epithelium

15) The lining of intestinal wall from outside to inside is made up of ?
a) circular muscles -> longitudinal muscles -> mucosa -> submucosa
b) longitudinal muscles -> circular muscles -> submucosa -> mucosa
c) mucosa -> submucosa -> circular muscles -> longitudinal muscles
d) submucosa -> longitudinal muscles -> circular muscles -> mucosa

16) Although much CO2 is carried in blood, yet blood does not become acidic because 
a) CO2 is continuously diffused through the tissues and is not allowed to accumulate
b) CO2 combines with water to form H2CO3 which is neutralized by Na2CO3
c) in CO2 transport, blood buffers play an important role
d) CO2 is absorbed by leucocytes

17) The correct route through which pulsemaking impulse travels in the heart is?
a) SA node -> Purkinje fibres -> bundle of His -> AV node -> heart muscles
b) SA node -> AV node -> bundle of His -> Purkinje fibres -> heart muscles
c) AV node -> bundle of His -> SA node -> Purkinje fibres -> heart muscles
d) AV node -> SA node -> Purkinje fibres -> bundle of His -> heart muscles

18) Which of the following is the example of conditioned reflex?
a) Hand withdraws when pierced with a needle
b) Eyes closed, when anything enter into it
c) During digestion food goes forward in alimentary canal
d) Trained dog salivates when you ring a bell

19) A man suddenly sees a tiger. His heart beat goes up, blood pressure increases, etc. Which hormone is released at this time in his body?
a) Parathormone
b) Corticoid
c) Adrenaline
d) Thyroxine.

20) Main disadvantage (s) of intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUCD) is /are 
a) the device is permanently placed in uterus and cannot be removed even if couple wants to have children
b) the device has to be inserted by physician in the uterus through vagina
c) the devices are expelled out without the knowledge of the wearers
d) a and c

21) Match the scientists listed under column I with their respective work listed under column II. Select the answer which gives the correct combination of alphabets of two columns.
a) A= t, B= p, C= s, D= q
b) A= q, B= r, C= t, D= p
c) A= t, B= s, C= q, D= p
d) A= p, B= q, C= r, D= s

22) Which of the following is the correct group of vestigial organs in man?
a) Nictitating membrane, ear muscles, eyelids and coccyx
b) Appendix, coccyx, ear muscles and elbow joint
c) Wisdom tooth, coccyx, body hair and ear muscles
d) Wisdom tooth, body hairs, nictitating membrane and vermiform appendix

23) Darwin proposed that new species evolve from ancestral form by?
a) the gradual accumulation of adaptations to changing environment
b) the inheritance of acquired adaptation to the environment
c) the struggle for limited resources
d) the accumulation of mutations

24) G6PD deficiency (glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase; required for minor glycolysis in
human beings) is likewise a sex-linked disease. Like sickle-cell anaemia it also affords some protection against malaria. This is an example when a gene can effect more than one trait. This phenomenon is referred to as?
a) pleiotropy
b) pseudodominance
c) epistasis
d) phenocopy

25) Which one of the following is the correct statement regarding the particular psychotropic drug specified?
a) Morphine leads to delusions and disturbed emotions
b) Barbiturates cause relaxation and temporary euphoria
c) Hashish causes alteration of thoughts, perceptions and hallucinations
d) Opium stimulates nervous system and causes hallucinations

26) There are at least three methods of transmission available for AIDS i.e., sexual, perinatal and parenteral. Mother to child infection is called as?
a) parenteral
b) perinatal
c) both (a) and (b)
d) none

27) “Pollen Basket” is?
a) a basket made of pollen
b) a simple basket
c) sac in flowers where pollen are carried
d) cavity in hind leg of a worker bee.

28) Read the following statements and select the correct option.
1) Increase in melanized moths after industrialization in Great Britain is a proof for natural selection.
2) When more individuals of a population acquire a mean character value, it is called disruption.
3) Changes in allelic frequency in a population will lead to Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.
4) Genetic drift changes the existing gene or allelic frequency in future generations.
a) 2 alone is correct
b) 4 alone is Correct
c) 1 and 4 alone is correct
d) 1 and 3 alone are correct

29) The hereditary disease in which the urine of a person turns black on exposure to air due to the presence of homogentisic acid is known as?
a) ketonuria
b) phenylketonuria
c) haematuria
d) alkaptonuria

30) Column I contains larval stages and column II contains the groups to which they belong. Match them correctly and choose the right answer.

    Column I     Column II
A. Planula  i. Porifera
B. Tornaria ii. Mollusca
C. Glochidium  iii. Arthropoda
D. Bipinnaria  iv. Hemichordata
E. Naupilus v. Echinodermata
vi. Coelenterata

a) A-vi, B-iv, C-ii, D-v, E-iii
b) A-ii, B-v, C-i, D-iv, E-vi
c) A-v, B-iv, C-iii, D-ii, E- i
d) A-iv, B-iii, C-ii, D-i, E- v

31) Ptyalin is inactivated by a component of gastric juice known as?
a) pepsin
b) mucus
c) rennin
d) HCI

32) Effective filtration pressure in glomerulus is caused due to?
a) powerful pumping action of the heart
b) secretion of adrenaline
c) afferent arteriole is slightly larger than efferent arteriole
d) vacuum develops in proximal convoluted tubule and sucks the blood


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