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General English for SSC MTS (Multi Tasking Staff)

Direction : In questions no. 1 to 2, four alternatives are given for the Idiom/Phrase underlined in the sentence. Choose the alternative that best expresses the meaning of the Idiom/Phrase and mark it in the Answer Sheet

1. The son wants to purchase a new car, but his father is dragging his feet.
a. acting in a slow and hesitant manner
b. acting methodically
c. acting quickly with firm conviction
d. acting courageously

2. The student passed out in the lab during the practical exam.
a. fell dowu
b. became anxious
c. rushed out
d. fainted

Directions : In questions no. 4 to 8. a part of the sentence is underlined, Below are given alternatives to the underlined part at (A), (B) and (C) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed your answer is (D). Mark your answer in the Answer Sheet.

4. I knew that if the animal was at home in that moment it would probably be sound asleep.
a. within that moment
b. about that moment
c. at that moment
d. No improvement

5. What would you have done if you are attacked by a bandit ?
a. if you have been attacked by a bandit
b. if you would have been attacked by a bandit
c. if you were attacked by a bandit
d. No improvement

6. She worked so that she may not fail.
a. or that she may not fail
b. therefore she may fail
c. lest she should fail
d. No improvement

7. Looking out of the window the little boy saw a kite entangled in the branches of the gulmohar tree.
a. Looking at the window
b. peeping in at the window
c. Gazing out into the window
d. No improvement

8. If you do not mend your behavior, you will suffer.
a. bend
b. repair
c. tend
d. No improvement

Directions : In question no. 9 to 13, out of the four alternatives, choose the one wich can be substituted for the given words/sentence and indicate it by blackening the oval in the Answer Sheet

9. A place where money is coined.
a. press
b. Mint
c. Lair
d. Archive

10. A series of lectures or lessons.
a. Catalogue
b. panel
c. Course
d. Syllabus

11. A false name adopted by an author for writing.
a. Nomenclature
b. Title
c. Nickname
d. pseudonym

12. One who possesses many talents.
a. Gifted
b. Talented
c. Versatile
d. Exceptional

13. A very accurate form of clock.
a. Galvanometor
b. Calorimeter
c. Voltameter
d. Chronometer

Directions : In questions no. 14 to 19, four words are given in each question, out of which only one word is correctly spelt. Find the correct spelt word and mark your answer in the Answer Sheet

14. a. Millinar              b. Millenar             c. Miliner                 d. Milliner

15. a. privillage            b. privilage             c. priviledge              d. privilege

16. a. Questionnaire      b. Questionnare       c. Questionnair         d. Qustionnaire

17. a. Amoeba              b. Ameoba              c. Amieba                d. Ameboa

18. a. Annihilate           b. Annihillate          c. Anihilate              d. Annihilet

19. a. Commitee           b. Commitea           c. Committee           d. Comittee

Directions : In questions no. 20 to 24, you have a brief passage with 5 questions. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives and mark it by blackening the appropriate oual in the Answer Sheet. 

”Something is very wrong ”says the detective. ”I know” says Ms. Gervis. ”It is wrong that someone has stolen from me”. The detective looks around Ms. Gervis apartment. ”That is not what I am talking about, ma’am. What is wrong is that I do not understand how the robber got in silence. Ms. Gervis eyes are full of tears. Her hands are shaking. ”The robber did not come through the window,” says the detective. ”These windows have not been opened or shut in months”. ”The detective looks at the fireplace”. ”The robber did not squeeze down here.” The detective walks to the front door. He examines the latch. ”And since there are no marks or scratches, the robber definitely did not try to break the lock.” ”I have no idea how he did it,” says a bothered Ms. Gervis. ”It is a big mystery.” ”And you say the robber stole nothing else? ”asks the detective. ”No money, no jewellery, no crystal?” ”That’s right, detective. He took only what was important to me,” Ms. Gervis says with a sigh. ”There is only one thing I can do now” ” And what is that?” the detective asks with surprise. ”I will stop baking cakes. ”Ms. Gervis says. ”They are mone to give away. They are not for someone to steal.” ”You can’t do that!” says the detective with alarm. ”Who will bade those delicious cakes?” I am sorry. I do not know, says Ms. Gervis. I must solve this case immediately!” says the detective

20. What does Ms. Gervis say is a big mystery?
a. How the robber got in
b. How the robber got in and out
c. How the robber got out
d. How the robber stole

21. What was stolen?
a. Crystal
b. Money
c. Cakes
d. Jewellary

22. Why does the detective say. ”I must solve this case immediately?”
a. Because Ms. Gervis is scared
b. Because Ms. Gervis is crying
c. Because Ms. Gervis is worried about who stole from her house
d. Because Ms. Gervis says she won’t bade cakes again

23. What does the expression ‘her hands are shaking’ mean here?
a. Ms. Gervis is shivering wiht fever
b. Ms. Gervis is shivering with wonder
c. Ms. Gervis is shivering wiht cold
d. Ms. Gervis is shivering with fear

24. Why does the detective say that the robber did not come through the front door?
a. The latch was not opened
b. There was no doorbell
c. There was no lock
d. There were no scratches

Directions : In questions no. 25 to 34, sentences are given with blands to be filled in with an appropriate words. Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four and indicate it by blackening the appropriate oval in the Answer Sheet.

25. It is cool today _________?
a. aren’t it
b. didn’t it
c. wasn’t it
d. isn’t it

26. The book ultimately reached the person it _______belonged.
a. who
b. where
c. to whom
d. to who

27. Besides being reputed, he is famous for his _______
a. Humanities
b. hostility
c. humility
d. humilliation

28. There was a queue of people in the rain. patiently waiting to get ______ the coach.
a. at
b. on
c. onto
d. in

29. I ____ at terrible dream last night.
a. had
b. got
c. saw
d. have

30. Mr. Ahamed went _____ a very tough time, when he incurred a loss in his business.
a. about
b. off
c. through
d. over

31. The lawyer advised the convict not to ____ anything.
a. hold up
b. hold over
c. hold back
d. hold in

32. Hospital services across the capital ___ for three hours due to the strike.
a. were disrupted
b. had been disrupted
c. are disrupted
d. have disrupted

33. The School Annual Sports Day is postponed and it would now ____ on the 14th of next month.
a. to be held
b. been held
c. being held
d. be held

34. The coach leaves at 5.20, so get to the station ______ that.
a. before
b. after
c. until
d. from

Directions : In questions no. 35 to 40, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word and mark it in the Answer Sheet.

35. Disgrace
a. Disrespect   b. Jealousy   c. Disregard         d. Shame

36. Striking
a. Attractive    b. Violent    c. Funny              d. Hateful

37. Fiasco
a. Festival       b. Failure    c. Fortune            d. Feast

38. Gloomy
a. Heavy          b. Gay       c. Sad                  d. Forlorn

39. Start
a. Continue      b. Break     c. Begin              d. Resume

40. Elation
a. Animation    b. Bliss      c. Depression       d. Pride

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