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How to get 100 Marks in Jr. Inter Physics

How to get 100 Marks in Jr. Inter Physics

● Read according to Blue print from Academy Text Book in detail.

● Many students loose marks in ’2’ mark Questions so concentrate on ’Solved Example’ in Academy Text Book.

● While solving problems, try to analyse the given problem with data, formula, calculation and Result with proper units.

● Try to solve problems in ’Mechanical properties of fluids’ and ’Units and Measurements’ for VSAQ.
● Try to make subject comfortable with concept based lear ning and Revise in regular fashion and
read for two to three times and write without seeing. If you prepare in this way, Victory is Yours with 60/60 Marks in Physics

Junior Inter Physics Suggestions and Advice’s
● Many students think that Junior Intermediate Physics is difficult but “It is not difficult, but different from the other subjects.”

● Last academic year, 50% of questions are easy, 40% are moderate and only 10% are difficult given.

● Students should concentrate on ’Concept Based Learning’ but not bihearting formula and concepts.

● Many students think that ’Mechanics’ is very difficult please ignore it. Try to concentrate on it.

● In Mechanics – Motion in a straight line, Motion in a plane, Work, Power and Energy, System of particles and Rotatory motion are very important and concentrate on them which are useful for

● Drawing diagrams are very important from which 50% of answer can be known.

● In order to gain more marks in physics a student should have analytical ability, clarity in thinking and writing quickly.

● Blue print and syllabus for Junior Inter is as given below:
              Topic                                                                   Weightage (Marks)
1. Physical World                                                                     2 Marks
2. Units and Measurements                                                     2 Marks
3. Motion in a Straight Line                                                    4 Marks
4. Motion in a plane                                                                  6 Marks[2 M+4 M]5. Laws of Motion                                                                     6 Marks[2 M+4 M]6. Work, Power, Energy                                                             8 Marks
7. System of Particles &  Rotatory Motion                            8 Marks[4M+4M]8. Oscillations                                                                           8 Marks
9. Gravitation                                                                            4 Marks
10. Mechanical properties of Solids                                       4 Marks
11. Mechanical properties of fluids                                         4 Marks[2M+2M]12. Thermal properties of Matter                                            8 Marks[4M+2M+2M]13. Thermodynamics                                                                8 Marks
14. Kinetic Theory                                                                    4 Marks[2M+2M]

Total 76M

How to Study for 50% Marks:
1. LAQ (Long Answer Questions):
Topics :
a. Work, Power and Energy
b. Oscillations
c. Thermodynamics

From above topics
1. LAQ (Large Answer Questions )
It will come in Examination which carries 24 Marks.
In the above topics Solved Examples in Academy Text Book should be practiced.

2.. SAQ (Short Answer Questions):  Topics: 
a. Motion in a straight line
b. Motion in a plane
c. System of particles and Rotatory Motion
d. Gravitation
e. Mechanical properties of Solids
f. Thermal properties of Matter From the above topics

Short Answer Questions will come which contains 48 Marks. So every student concentrate on above topics which carries maximum marks.

3. VSAQ (Very Short Answer Questions): Topics: 
a. Physical world
b. Units and Measurements
c. Laws of Motion
d. Mechanical properties of Fluids
e. Thermal properties of Matter
f. Kinetic Theory

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