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Online Quantitative Abilities Quiz for SSC CGL Tier – II Paper 1

1. Find the sum of an infinite G whose first term is 28 and the second term is 4.?
(A) 32 / 5
(B) 98 / 3
(C) 3 / 98
(D) 98 / 7

2. Total cost of 8 buckets and 5 mugs is Rs. 92 and the total cost of 5 buckets and 8 mugs is Rs. 77. Find the total cost of 2 mugs and 3 buckets.?
(A) 35
(B) 70
(C) 30
(D) 38

3. In an auto fair at Pragti Maidan, New Delhi there are 600 vehicles consisting of only two wheelers and four wheelers. A world renowned tyre agency found 2000 tyre in vehicles during the survey of fair but without any Stepney. The number of two wheelers in the auto fair is-?
(A) 300
(B) 400
(C) 180
(D) 200

4. A number 476 * * 0 which is divisible by both 3 and 11. The digit in the hundred and tenth place respectively are (if digits are non-zero)
(A) 7, 4
(B) 7, 5
(C) 8, 5
(D) None of these

5. The population of vultures in a particular locality is decreased by a certain rate annually. If the current population of vulture be 29160 and the ratio of population for second year and third year be 10 : 9.? Then what was the population of vultures 3 year ago?
(A) 30000
(B) 35000
(C) 40000
(D) 50000
6. The diluted wine contains only 8 litres of wine and the rest is water. A new mixture is formed, whose concentrations is 30% by replacing mixture with pure wine. How many litres of mixture shall be replaced if there was initially 32 litres of water in the mixture?
(A) 4 litres
(B) 5 litres
(C) 8 litres
(D) None of these
7. A team is 20 men is supposed to do work in 30 days. After 12 day’s 5 more men were employed and the work finished 2 days earlier. In how many day’s would it have been finished if 5 more men were not employed?
(A) 30 days
(B) 28 days
(C) 32 days
(D) None
8. A passenger sitting in a train of a certain length, which is running with a speed of 60 km/hr passing through two bridges. He notices that he crossed the first bridge and second bridge in time intervals which are in the ratio of 7:4 respectively. If the length of the first bridge be 280m, then the length of second bridge is-?
(A) 490m
(B) 220m
(C) 160 m
(D) Can’t be determined
9. The amount of work in a factory is increased by 50%. By what percent is it necessary to increase the number of workers to complete the new amount of work in planned time, if the new labour is 25% more efficient.?
(A) 60%
(B) 66.66%
(C) 40%
(D) 33.33%

10. The difference between C.P. and S.P. of a table for is Rs. 175, then profit of 14% occurs what is the S.P. of table?
(A) 1225
(B) 1450
(C) 1425
(D) 1275

11. The area of the triangle formed by the line 3x +2y = 6 and the coordinate axis is?
(A) 3 sq. units
(B) 6 sq. units
(C) 4 sq. units
(D) 8 sq. units

12. A motor boat can travel at 10km/hr in still water. It travelled 91 km downstream in a river than returned to the same place, taking altogether 20 hours. Find the rate of flow of river.?
(A) 3 km/hr
(B) 4 km/hr
(C) 2 km/hr
(D) 5 km/hr
13. An aeroplane covers four sides of a square of  field at speeds of 200, 400, 600 and 800 km/hr . Then the average speed of the plane in the entire journey is-?
(A) 600 km/hr
(B) 400 km/hr
(C) 500 km/hr
(D) 384 km/hr
14. A tank is connected with 8 pipes, some of pipes are inlet and rest work as outlet. Each of the inlet pipe can fill the tank in 8 hours, Individually, while each of outlet pipe can empty it in 6 hours individually. If all the pipes are kept opened when the tank is full, it will take exactly 6 hours for the tank to empty. How many of these are inlet pipes?
(A) 2
(B) 4
(C) 5
(D) 6
15. In______ in centre lies inside the triangle ?
(A) An isosceles triangle only
(B) An equilateral triangle only
(C) Every triangle
(D) A right triangle only
16. An article of C. P. Rs.8000 is marked at Rs. 11,200. After allowing a discount of x% a profit of 12% is made. The value of x is?
(A) 21%
(B) 20%
(C) 22%
(D) 23%
17. A number, when divided successively by 4,5 and 6 leaves remainder, 2,3 and 4 respectively. The least such number is
(A) 50
(B) 53
(C) 58
(D) 214
18. Three spherical balls of radius 1cm 2cm and 3cm are melted to form a single spherical ball. In the process the loss of material is 25%, then the radius of new ball is?
(A) 6cm
(B) 5cm
(C) 3cm.
(D) 2 cm
19. A batsman, in his 12th innings, makes a score of 63 run’s and there by increased his average score by 2 runs. The average of his score after 12th innings is-?
(A) 41
(B) 42
(C) 34
(D) 35
20. The ratio between the number of sides and interior angle of regular polygon is 1:2 and 3:4 respectively. The number of sides of these polygons respectively are?
(A) 3, 6
(B) 4, 8
(C) 6, 9
(D) 5, 10

21. A man on the top of a rock rising on a seashore observes a boat coming towards it, if it take 10 min for change the angle of depression from 30% to 60°, how soon the boat reach the shore?
(A) 5 min
(B) 6 min
(C) 10 min

(D) 15 min

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