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Annamacharya Institute of Technology, Kadapa – III B.Tech 1st Semester November 2016

III B.Tech 1st Semester II Mid Term Examinations November 2016
Branch: MECH                                                                                Subject: HEAT TRANSFER
Time: 90 Minutes
Answer any THREE of the following questions
Max. Marks: 30
1. Derive “Momentum Equation” for convection heat transfer?
2. Water at 20°C flows at a velocity of 1m/s over a 2m long flat plate whose surface is maintained at a uniform temperature of 80°C. Determine the average heat transfer coefficient and heat dissipated from the plate?

3. Explain different regimes of pool boiling?
4. Water flows at a rate of 40 Kg/min through a double pipe counter flow heat exchanger. Water is heated from 30°C to 80°C by hot oil flowing through the tube. The specific heat of oil is 1.25 KJ/Kg K. Oil enters at 120°C and leaves at 70°C. The overall heat transfer coefficient is 412 W/m K. Calculate the heat transfer area require?
5. Explain various laws used in radiation heat transfer?

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