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SSC CGL TIER – II Special Quantitative Aptitude Quiz

1. A shopkeeper allows 10% discount on goods when he sells without credit. Cost price of his goods is 80% of his selling price. If he sells his goods by cash, then his profit is
(a) 50%
(b) 70%
(c) 25%
(d) 40%
2. A dealer of scientific instruments allows 20% discount on the marked price of the instruments and still makes a profit of 25%. If his gain over the sale of an instrument is Rs. 150, find the marked price of the instrument.
(a) Rs. 938.50
(b) Rs. 940
(c) Rs. 938
(d) Rs. 937.50
3. Ram bought a T.V with 20% discount on the labelled price. Had he bought it with 30% discount he would have saved Rs. 800. The value of the T.V set that he bought is
(a) Rs. 5,000
(b) Rs. 8,000
(c) Rs. 9,000
(d) Rs  10,000

4. A vessel full of pure acid contains 10 litres of it, of which 2 litres are withdrawn. The vessel is then filled with water. Next 2 litres of the mixture are withdrawn, and again the vessel is filled up with water. The ratio of the acid left in the vessel with that of the original quantity is
(a) 1:5
(b) 4:5
(c) 4:25
(d) 16:25
5. Gold is 19 times as heavy as water and copper is 9 times as heavy as water. In what ratio should these be mixed to get an alloy 15 times as heavy as water?
(a) 1:1
(b) 1:2
(c) 2:3
(d) 3:2
6. The average age of boys in the class is twice the number of girls in the class. The ratio of boys and girls in the class of 50 is 4:1. The total of the ages (in years) of the boys in the class is?
(b) 2500
(c) 800
(d) 400
7. There are 100 students in 3 sections A, B and C of a class. The average marks of all the 3 sections was 84. The average of Band C was 87.5 and the average marks of A is 70.The number of students in A was
(a) 30
(b) 35
(c) 20
(d) 25
8. A sold an article to B at 20% profit and B sold it to C at 15% loss. If A sold it to Cat the selling price of B, then A would make
(a) 5% profit
(b) 2% profit
(c) 2% profit
(d) 5% loss
9. The monthly salaries of A and B together amount to Rs. 40,000. A spends 85% of his salary and B, 95% of his salary. If now their savings are the same, then the salary (in Rs) of A is
(a) 10,000
(b) 12,000
(c) 16,000
(d) 18,000
10. It takes 8 hours for a 600 km journey, if 120 km is done by train and the rest by car. It takes 20 minutes more if 200 km is down by train and the rest by car. The ratio of the speed of the train to that of the car is ?
(a) 2:3
(b) 3:2
(c) 3:4
(d) 4:3
11. If a train runs at 70 km/hour, it reaches its destination late by 12 minutes. But if it runs at 80 km/hour, it is late by 3 minutes The correct time to cover the journey is .?
(a) 58 minutes
(b) 2 hours
(c) 1 hour
(d) 59 minutes

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