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How to Make Bath Soap at Home – Aloe Soap-making at Home

In current pollution atmospheric situation we live in healthy to take a bath every day. To be sure, soap or body wash, bath, body, and to be a good day to bathe number of occurrences in at least two, if not once but twice, even though the body is important to keep clean

Most of the bath soaps can be used to make a variety of common, many people buy soaps on television saw the ads, but are in the market for detergents, soaps and 70% probable that harm our body. But we can make soap at home. Instead of spending our skin spend thousands of amount for beauty soap made with aloe found in our backyard. Aloe soap-making at home:

How to make Aloe soap-making at home:
1.  About 110 grams of the pulp of aloe
2.  110 ml of caustic soda (available at the supermarket)
3.  750 million liters of olive oil
4.  250 million liters of water
5.  Essential Oil

Stage of their manufacturing process:
* The water is heated and come in plastic containers.
* Mix it with the addition of caustic soda. Keep this mixture cool for at least an hour.
* Wear a glows before making soap.
* Callare within the above mixture, the fresh juice from the leaves of aloe with the help of a spoon or knife to separate. To the point of gel to grind the pulp.
* Olive oil and put it in the microwave for a while.
* Caustic soda mixed with water and olive oil and mix well to combine. Be  until mixture thickens. After the addition of aloe juice, mix well.
* Lavender oil, the closure of the day with a mixture of oil, such as odor of the water. The mixture is ready to be put into the mold is cast in the mold of the deficit low, so leave until one day.
* The next day, turned into solid pieces of soap aloe crop.
* The pieces before using the shower, as well as in keeping with the range of at least 15 to 30 days to be tight.

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