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Staff Selection Commission CGL ExamTier-II Special Quantitative Aptitude

1.The sides of a right triangle are 9,12 and 15 cm long. What is the sum of the squares of the medians?
a) 150 cm
b) 337.5 cm
c) 225 cm
d) 222.5 cm
2.The height of a circular cylinder is increased to six times and the base area is decreased to one- ninth of its value. The factor by which the lateral surface of the cylinder increases is:
a) 2
b) 1/2
c) 2/3
d) 3/2
3.There is a square field whose side is 44 m. A square flowerbed is prepared in its centre, leaving a gravel path of uniform width all-around the flowerbed. The total cost of laying the flowerbed and gravelling the path at Rs. 2 and Rs. 1 per square metre respectively is Rs. 3536. Then what is the width of the graveled path?
a) 1 metre
b) 1.5 metre
c) 2 metre
d) 2.5 metre
4.In a class room there are certain number of benches. If 6 students are made to sit on a bench, then to accommodate all of them, one more bench is needed. However,if 7 students are made to sit on a bench, then, after accommodating all of them, space for 5 students is left. What is the total number of students in the class?
a) 30
b) 42
c) 72
d) 60
5.The weights of Mr. Gupta and Mrs. Gupta are in the ratio 7 : 8 and their total weight is 120 kg. After taking a dieting course Mr.Gupta reduces by 6 kg and the ratio between their weights changes to 5 : 6. So, Mrs. Gupta has reduced by:
a) 2 kg
b) 4 kg
c) 3 kg
d) 5 kg
6. A does half as much work as B in one sixth of the time. If both take 10 days to complete a work, how many days shall B alone take to do it?
a) 70
b) 30
c) 40
d) 50
7.Water is flowing at the rate of 5 km/h through a pipe of diameter 14 cm into a rectangular tank which is 50 m long and 44 m wide. Determine the time in which the level of water tank will rise by 7 cm.
a) 2.1 h
b) 2.0 h
c) 2.5 h
d) 2.2 h

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