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Very Important Questions for RRB Asst. Loco Pilot Exams

rrb asst loco pilot కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం

1. As per the data published by the office of the Registrar General, India, the Indian States with lowest literary rates in 2011 next to Bihar are

(1) Orissa and Meghalaya
(2) Arunachal Pradesh and Jharkhand
(3) Assam and Nagaland
(4) Tripura and Uttar Pradesh.
2. Smaller size of the market is the primary cause of underdevelopment according to
(1) Balanced growth theory
(2) Unbalanced growth theory
(3) Unlimited supplies of labour theory
(4) Critical minimum effort theory
3. During the British rule, Indian economy was underdeveloped and dependent because of the change in foreign trade and
(1) Land tenure eystem
(2) Commercialization of agriculture
(3) Occupational atructure
(4) Decay handicrafts
4. The economy where the factors of production are for sale, factors of production are sold in the market and there is free movement goods and factors of production is called
(1) Market economy
(2) Closed economy
(3) Socialist economy
(4) Mixed economy
5. Moderation in the growth of narrow money (M1) as against broad money (M3) is on account of the deeline in the growth of
(1) Deposits and credit
(2) Non-performing assets
(3) Deposits and currency
(4) Cash reserve ratio
6.  In India 12 3 percent of the assets of the total financial system are owned by the
(1) Corporative Banks
(2) Regional rural banks
(4) Non-Banking Financial companies
7. The open market operations by the Reserve Bank of India relate Lo the sale and purchase of
(1) Public sector stocks
(2) Corporate securities
(3) Government securities
(4) Foreign securities
8. A major structural change in indirect tax base in the form of a wider tax base and rationalization of excise duties was the result of the introduction of Presumptive tax
(1) Presumptive Tax
(2) Service Lax
(3) Value added tax
(4) Minimum alternate tax
9. In India, the budgetary policy, monetary policy and the expansion of output together help the government in controlling
(1) Growing inequalities
(2) Enlarging unemployment
(3) Expanding rural-urban divide
(4) Rising prices
10. In the Indian tax system, the tax levied and collected by the Central Government but the proceeds are assigned to the State Governments is
(1) Corporation tax
(2) Customs duty
(3) Entertainment tax
(4) Terminal tax
11. In developing economies, foreign direct investment is a leading source of external financing that brings in capital and technical know-how into an economy and also increases its
(1) Interest payments
(2) Competitiveness
(3) Economic growth
(4) Debt burden
12. In the ranking of the States by Human Development Index in 1999-2000 and 200 the top ranking three States in both the years were Kerala,
(1) Delhi and Himachal Pradesh
(2) Punjab and Maharashtra
(3) Tamil Nadu and Goa
(4) Haryana and Andhra Pradesh
13. In Andhra Pradesh state. Gross Fixed 7 Capital Formation as a percentage of Gross State Domestic Product at current prices is one of the indicators to measure the productive potential of
(1) Capital
(2) Income
(3) Investment
(4) output
14. An indicator of the standard of living of the people in Andhra Pradesh which registered a growth of 13.7 percent as per the advanced estimates of 2011-12 is
(1) Per capita output
(2) Per capita income
(3) Per capita expenditure
(4) Per capita consumption
15. In the sectoral contribution to Gross State Domestic Product of Andhra Pradesh, the share of agriculture in 2011 – 12 is
(1) 2-12 percent
(2)19-20 percent
(3) 65 percent
(4) 20.55 percent
16. The outcomes on sustained human development depend on the macroeconomic policies of the Central and State governments with respect to health, education and more importantly on the
(1)Level of GSDP
(2) Growth of investment
(3) Economic growth
(4) Life expectancy
17. In Andhra Pradesh State, the districts with highest gross value added of service sector at 2003-04 prices, next to Hyderabad district, in the order are
(1) Visakhapatnam and East Godavari
(2) Rangareddy and Visakhapatnam
(3) Krishna and East Godavari
(4) Rangareddy and Krishna
18.The 9 quadrennial Census of Land Holdings in Andhra Pradesh State commenced on
(1) 1st April 2011
(2) 1st December 2010
(3) 1st April 2010
(4) 1st October 2011
19. In Andhra Pradesh State, the type of unemployment which occurs when workers move from one job to another is called
(1) Frictional unemployment
(2) Deemed unemployment
(3) Wage unemployment
(4) Seasonal unemployment
20.In agriculture dominated state economies, structural unemployment arises due to inadequate
(1) Capital accumulation
(2) Effective investment
(3) Productive capacity (4) Employment opportunities
21.Under-employment existing in Andhra Pradesh economy is also known as
(1) Structural unemployment
(2) Frictional unemployment
(3) Disguised unemployment
(4) Low wage unemployment

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