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Current Affairs Quiz for APPSC / TSPSC –

1. Which material is very hard and very ductile? 
2.  Which is called a ‘banker’s  cheque’ ? 
3.  With  Which game/sport is ‘Popping crease’ associated? 
4. Which lake in India has the highest water salinity? 
5. In which year did the Peshwa became the official head of Maratha administration? 
6. Bhopal gas tragedy struck in the year 1984 due to the leakage of which gas?
7. Which was an associate State of India before becoming a full fledged State? 
8. Einstein’s mass energy relation is given by which expression? 
9. Which is the first company-managed major port in India? 
10. Which Governor of Bengal committed suicide in 1774 ? 
11. Pulitzer prize is awarded for outstanding work in which field? 
12. Bouncing of cheques has become an offence. What is the punishment for the same? 
13. All of the organisms living in a particular area, what do they make up? 
14. How can fertility of soil be improved? 
15. By whom was the Vernacular Press Act was passed? 
16. By whom is Recognition to a political party accorded? 
17. Which was the scientist who was responsible for the rejection of vital force theory? 
18.  Which award is associated with Agriculture? 
19. What type of farming is practised in the densely populated regions of the world? 
20. In which year Delhi became the capital of India?

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