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Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission English Important Questions and Answers

Directions (Q.1-5): Read the following passage carefully and mark the correct answer
to the questions.

The quantity, not the quality, of modern art isimportant. More people take a conscious interest in art as art. And more devote themselves to  its practice then at any other period. Our age thought it has produced few masterpieces, is a thoroughly aesthetic age. This increase in the numbers of practitioners and dilettante in all arts is not unconnected with the decrease in the number of religious believers. To mind whose  religious needs have been denied their normal fulfilment, art brings a certain spiritual satisfaction. In its lowest forms art is like that  emotionally charged ritual for ritual’s sake so popular, as we have seen, at the present time. In its higher and more significant forms it is philosophy as well as ritual.

The art including music and certain important kinds of literature have been atmost periods, the handmaids of religion. Their principal function was to provide religion with the visible or audible symbols, which create in the minds of the beholder those feeling which for him personally are the God. Divorced from religion the arts are now independently cultivated for their own sake. That aesthetic beauty which was once devoted to the service of God has now been set up as God on its own. The cultivation of art for its own sake has become a substitute for religion. That is an extremely inadequate substitute must be apparent to any one who has observed the habits of those who led the pure aesthetic life. Where beauty is worshiped for beauty’s sake as a goddess independent of and superior to morality and philosophy, the most horrible putrefaction is apt to set in. The lives of the aesthetes are the far from edifying Commentary on the religion of beauty.

1. Our age is a thoroughly aesthetic age ……
1) because it has produced masterpieces.
2) because modern art is better than the art of other generations.
3) despite its failure to produce many masterpieces.
4) as the quantity of modern art is more important than its quality.

2. Art brings spiritual satisfaction to …….
1) all religious believers.
2) all practitioners of art.
3) all dilettantes in arts.
4) all who have not got their religious needs fulfiled.

3. Art is ……..
1) a philosophy and not ritual
2) either philosophy or ritual
3) not only philosophy but also ritual
4) neither philosophy nor ritual

4. Music and literature …….
1) have been mostly used by the handmaids of religion.
2) have been mostly used as the handmaids of religion.
3) have been produced in maids using their hands.
4) have been very important in the history of religions.

5. Choose the most correct statement from the following.
1) Art is considered a substitute for God.
2) God is the real substitute for art.
3) Practice of art for the sake of art is now a substitute for religion.
4) Practice of religion for the sake of God is now a substitute for art.

6. Choose the sentence with appropriate articles.
1) The umpire controls the decisions like the God incarnate.
2) An umpire controls decisions like God incarnate.
3) The umpire controls the decision like a God incarnate.
4) A umpire controls the decision like God incarnate.

7. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles. Don’t’ rely on …… prophecy of …… astrologer sitting there on …… elevated platform
1) the, the, an
2) a, the, an
3) the, an, an
4) the, an, the

8. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions. Dispose of your books and try to solve the puzzle …… pondering …… it.
1) by, above
2) from, at
3) by, over
4) on, in

9. There was an accident …… cross roads …… midnight last night.
1) to, at
2) in, on
3) in, at
4) at, at

10. Ramana is the tallest in his family. It means ………
1) Every one are taller than Ramana
2) All are as taller as Ramana
3) No one else is as tall as Ramana
4) None of the above

11. Deepa says “It is a beautiful place”. (Change to Indirect speech.)
1) Deepa says it was a beautiful place
2) Deepa say it has been a beautiful place
3) Deepa says that it is a beautiful place
4) Deepa says it will be a beautiful place

12. If you feel happy you have …….
1) Enjoy
2) pleasure
3) Determined
4) Text end

13. What is the meaning of Hospitable?
1) Admit in hospital
2) Discharge from hospital
3) Welcoming and friendly
4) Not welcoming and friendly

14. India has been independent …… 1947.
1) about
2) an
3) for
4) since

15. Punith’s father is an orthopaedician. The underlined word means …..
1) a heart specialist
2) an eye specialist
3) a bone specialist
4) a child specialist

16. One of the following words is spelt wrongly. Which is it?
1) Commentory
2) Exclusive
3) Plantain
4) Voluntary

17. Tick the correct sentence.
1) I have gone to Amaravathi recently.
2) I have been to Amaravathi recently.
3) I have been to Amaravathi last Sunday.
4) I had been to Amaravathi last Sunday.

18. Choose the antonym for Material.
1) Spiritual
2) Money
3) Maternal
4) Worldly

19. Choose the synonym of ‘Naive’.
1) Brave
2) Simple
3) Knave
4) Common place

20. A man that is drowning will clutch at a straw. (Choose the correct simple sentence form.)
1) A drowning man will clutch a straw.
2) A drowning man is clutching strew.
3) A straw clutches at a drowning man.
4) A drowning man clutches straw.

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