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Administrative Law – UPSC Civils IAS Main Examination Topic wise Comprehensive Material

Chapter -6 
Administrative Law
Meaning, Scope and significance, Dicey on Administrative law; delegated legislation; Administrative Tribunals
Meaning, Scope and significance
1. “Today the content of administrative law is driven primarily by t e scope of public administrative activity.” Explain. (2006/60)
2. “Today the content of administrative law is driven primarily by the scope of public administration activity.” Explain. (2005/60)
3. “Administrative Lawin modern government system is inevitable.” Comment. (1998/20)
4. The central concern of administrative law has been the legal limitation of administrative discretion. Comment (1997/20)
5. The fieldofadministrative law, after a century of litigation and adjudication, remains alive with simmering issues. Comment. (1995/20)
6. “Administrative law is not a rigid, rule-bound barrier to good management.” Discuss. (1994/30)
7. How has the interest of judiciary in administrative decisions grown over the years?Has it extended the frontiers of administrative law? (1993/60)
8. “Rule of law is the base ofIndia’s constitutional life, and administrative law seeks to ensure that this basic premise remains upheld and protected. Comment (1992/20)
9. administrative law, with its creature administrative tribunals, is like martial law, the negation of law’.Comment (1990/20)
10. “Administrative Law has the obligation to observe the principles of natural justice and faimess Elaborate. (1989/60)

Dicey on Administrative law
1. “Dicey was wrong not only in his concept of the rule of law, but he also overlooked the significance of the administrative law.” Comment. (2002/20)
2. “The Droit Administratiff violates Dicey’s basic principles of Rule of Law.’ Comment. (1987/20)

Delegated legislation
1. “Delegated legislation is a necessary evil.” Examine (2007/20)
2. Delegated Legislation is not absolute. Explain. (2004/20)
3. “Increased delegated legislation is a phenomenon of a modern positive state.” Elucidate. (1999/60)
4. How far is it true to state that delegated legislation has become a present day necessity and it has come to stay, it is both inevitable and indispensable? (1997/30)
5. Bring out the reasons for the growth and the dangers of delegated legislation (1995/30)
6. “The most effective safeguard against the abuse of delegated legislation is not to delegate it in such a manner that it may invite abuse, Comment (1993/20)
7. Increased legislative delegation should be considered as a phenomenon of the modern positive state.’ Discuss (1992/60)

Administrative Tribunals
1. Wrote short note on Effectiveness and utility ofCentral and State Administrative Tribunals. (2000/20)
2. dministrative Tribunals are authorities outside the ordinary court system which interpret and apply the laws when acts of Public Administration are attacked in formal suits or by other established methods. Discuss (1991/30)
3. Administrative tribunals and judicial review are not only instruments of interpretation of law but also safeguards against admin is weaknesses and administrative excesses. Comment (1988/20)

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