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16 Important Tips to APPSC Group-IV Exam Syllabus (Intermediate Level)

1.  Universalization  of  Education-  Significance,  constitutional  guarantee, problems  involved  in  implementing.  Quality  of  Primary  Education- Minimum  level of Learning Approach.

2.  Wastage  and  stagnation  in  Education-Meaning,  causes,  problems  and remedial measures.
3.  Adult  Education  and  Functional  literacy-Meaning,  scope,  problems  involved and strategies for remedial action.
4.  Non-Formal  Education-  contemporary  significance,  problems,  methodology, motivational aspect and implementation.
5.  School  and  Community  Relationships-need  and  importance,  ways  of  bringing their  together,  making  use  of  community  resources  persons,  some  practical strategies to facilitate appropriate relationships.
6.  Medium  of  instruction-Problem,  Language  in  India,  three  language  formula,  its implications and difficulties in implementing the formule.
7.  Family  life  and  population  Education-the  problem,  objectives  at  Secondary level  creating  awareness,  difficulties  in  implementing,  strategies  to  spread  right type of family life and population education.
8.  Moral  Education-  meaning  and  scope,  approaches  to  Moral  Education, Difference between Moral and Religious Education, Practical Work.
9.  National  and  Emotional  integration-  meaning,  nature,  problems, implementation celebrating national days and role of schools and teachers.
10.  International  understanding-education  for  peace,  disarmament  and  co- existence,  meaning,  nature,  significance,  developing  a  broader  perspective  in  the mind students.
11.  Education  of  the  socially  and  culturally  disadvantaged-  meaning-Significance problems,  equality  of  opportunity  and  strategies  to  implement  meaningful programme.
12. Lifelong Education-meaning, need and scope, approach and role of teachers.
13.  Teacher  Education-pre-service  and  in-service-Professional  Organisations teachers.
14. Vocational Education and Vocationalisation of Education. 
15.  Common  Entrance  Examinations  and  Centralised  admissions  into  the  basic courses in Andhra Pradesh.
16. Recommendations of various Education Commissions and Committees. 

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