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Important 50 Geographical Questions and Answers

Geography or Geo Science Quiz for NET | SET | JRF  Competitive Exams

The List of 50 important Geographical Questions and Answers is given here. Candidates those who are preparing for SSC CGL and all other competitive exams can use these questions.

1).The Bay of Bengal is located to the of _____ India?
a) West
b) South
c) South-East
d) South-West

2).Palk Strait separates India from ______.
a) Sri Lanka
b) Myanmar
c) Maldives
d) Lakshadweep

3).The most centrally located meridian of India passes through______.
a) Ahmadabad
b) Allahabad
c) Hyderabad
d) Aurangabad

4).The highest peak in India______
a) Mt. Everest
b) Mt. Godwin Austin
c) Mt. Kanchenjunga
d) Dhaulagiri

5).The source of River Ganga
a) Yamunotri
b) Siachen
c) Gangotri
d) Karakoram

6).The Himalayas are known as_____
a) Abode of snow
b) Volcano
c) Sahyadri
d) Himadri

7).The ________divides the country into the equal halves.
a) Tropic of Cancer
b) Tropic of Capricorn
c) Equator
d) Greenwich Meridian

8).India is connected to European countries through the _______ canal.
a) Panama
b) Grand
c) Suez
d) Buckingham

9).India is connected with China, Japan and Australia through the ______
a) Palk Strait
b) Malaccan Strait
c) Berring Strait
d) Strait of Gibraltar

10).India is the _______ largest country in Asia?
a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) Fourth

11).The_____ Longitude is taken as the Indian Standard Time meridian (IST) of India.
a) 68o30’E
b) 78o30’E
c) 82o30’E
d) 92o30’E

12).The Indian Standard Time is ________ ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time.
a) 5 hrs 30 Min
b) 6 hrs 30 Min
c) 7 hrs 30 Min
d) 8 hrs 30 Min

13).At the southern tip of the Indian peninsula lies_________.
a) Kerala
b) Karnataka
c) Kanyakumari
d) Kavaratti

14).Indian and Sri Lanka are separated by______.
a) Palk Strait
b) Tusman Strait
c) Berring Strait
d) Malaccan Strait

15).The Island of Andaman and Nicobar are in the _______.
a) Indian Ocean
b) China Sea
c) Bay of Bengal
d) Arabian Sea

16).The Island of Lakshadweep are located in the ________.
a) Arabian Sea
b) Bay of Bengal
c) Indian Ocean
d) Aral Sea

17).The highest peak of India is ______.
a) Mt. Everest
b) Godwin Austin
c) Mt. Abu
d) Doddabetta

18).The Highest peak of Himalayas is ______.
a) Mt. Everest
b) Godwin Austin
c) Mt. Abu
d) Doddabetta

19).The highest peak Mt. Everest is located in _________.
a) Nepal
b) Bhutan
c) India
d) China

20).India is politically divided into ________.
a) 30 states 2 union territories
b) 29 states 3 union territories
c) 28 states 7 union territories
d) 27 states 6 union territories

21).The ____ Range in India is the oldest mountain range of the world
a) Satpura
b) Aravalli
c) Himalaiya
d) Siawaliks

22). The Himalayas is an example of _______ Mountains
a) Old fold
b) Young fold
c) Block Mountain
d) Rin Valley

23).The highest Plateau in India is_________.
a) Deccan Plateau
b) Chota Nagpur Plateau
c) Ladakh Plateau
d) Malawa Plateau

24).The Eastern Himalaiyas are also called _____.
a) Siwaliks
b) Purvachal
c) Duns
d) Terai

25).The Largest Plain of India is _____.
a) Ganga
b) Rajastan
c) Punjab
d) Haryana

26).The highest peak in Aravalli range is ____.
a) Guru Shikhar
b) Doddabetta
c) Mahendragiri
d) Anai Mudi

27).The highest peak of South India is _____.
a) Doddabetta
b) Anai Mudi
c) Mahendragiri
d) Mt. Abu

28).The Extreme southern most point of India is _______.
a) Indira Point
b) Cape Comerin
c) Trivandrum
d) Kodaikanal

29).Indian Experience _______.
a) Temperate Climate
b) Tropical Monsoon Climate
c) Tropical Climate
d) Cold Climate

30).The Coastal area enjoy ___________ Climate.
a) Continental
b) Equable
c) Humid
d) Hot

31).The Place that gets rain from Western disturbance is ________.
a) Punjab
b) Mumbai
c) Allahabad
d) Chennai

32).The Mountains which lie parallel to the direction of the southwest monsoon wind is_______.
a) Aravalli
b) Satpura
c) Vindhya
d) Maikala Ranga

33).The local storms in the Northeastern part of India during hot weather season are called______.
a) Norwesters
b) Loo
c) Mango showers
d) Monsoon

34).The place to the north of Tropic of Cancer experience ________ Climate.
a) Equable
b) Polar
c) Continental
d) Desert

35).India experience tropical _________ climate.
a) wet
b) hot
c) monsoon
d) dry

36).Pune lies on the leeward side of_________.
a) Western Ghats
b) Eastern Ghats
c) Siwaliks
d) Aravalli

37).Local thunder storms called _______ occur in Punjab during summers.
a) Norwesters
b) Kalbisakhi
c) Western Disturbance
d) Mango showers

38)._______ receives the highest rainfall in India.
a) Cherrapunji
b) Shillong
c) Assam
d) Darjeeling

39).Mawsynram in Cherrapunji receives ______ of rainfall in a year.
a) 1087 cms
b) 1187 cms
c) 1287 cms
d) 1387 cms

40).Rain water harvesting is a part of water_______.
a) management
b) re-cycling
c) storage
d) usage

41).The soil found in the Arid zone is known as_______.
a) Desert Soil
b) Laterite Soil
c) Black Soil
d) Alluvial Soil

42).The Monsoon Forests are otherwise called as______.
a) Tropical evergreen forest
b) Deciduous forest
c) Mangrove forest
d) Mountain forest

43).Which one of the following mineral is contained in the monazite sands?
a) Oil
b) Uranium
c) Thorium
d) Coal

44).Resources that can be used or reproduced again and again are _______.
a) Unnatural Resources
b) Renewable resources
c) Non-Renewable resources
d) Human resources

45).Minerals and fossil fuels are examples of ______ resources.
a) Renewable
b) Usable
c) Non-Renewable
d) Non-Metallic

46).Black Soil is formed from the weathering of _______ rocks.
a) Igneous
b) Sedimentary
c) Metamorphic
d) Crystalline

47).Removable of fertile content from the soil by nature and man is called ______.
a) Soil Formation
b) Soil Conservation
c) Soil Erosion
d) Soil Fixation

48).The percentage of forest area in India is _______.Cherrapunji
a) 19.00%
b) 19.19%
c) 19.29%
d) 19.39%

49).Sunderbans is the Mangrove forest found in______.
a) West Bengal
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Gujarat
d) Assam

50).’Sholas’ are tropical forests found in ______.
a) Satpura
b) Nilgiri
c) Malkala
d) Anaimalai

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