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Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for SSC / RRB / APPSC / TSPSC Exams

1.When a positive integer n isdivided by 5, the remainder is 2.What is the remainder when the number 3n is divided by 5?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

2.The ratio of the number of boysand girls in a school is 3 :2. 20%of the boys and 25%of the girlsare scholarship holders. Then what is the percentage of the students who are not scholarship holders?

a) 78% 
b) 77%
c) 55%
d) 79%

3.If x= a sin3θ, y = a cos3θ, then:
a) x2+ y2= a2
b) x3+ y3= a3
c) x3/2+ y3/2= a3/2
d) x2/3+ y2/3= a2/3

4.What is the ratio of the measure of an angle of a regular octagon to the measure of its exterior angle?
a) 1 :2
b) 1 :3
c) 2 :3
d) 3 :1

5.ABCD is a quadrilateral, AM,CN are perpendiculars to BD and AM = CN and diagonals AC and BD intersect at O, then which one of the following is correct?
a) AO = OC
b) BO = OD
c) AO = BO
d) CO = DO

6.Two trains each 200m long move towards each other on parallel lines with velocities 20 km/h and 30km/h respectively. What is the time that elapses when they first meet until they have cleared each other?
a) 20 sec
b) 24.8 sec
c) 28.8 sec
d) 30 sec

7.One saree was purchased for Rs.564 after getting a discount of 6%and another saree was purchased for Rs. 396 after getting a discount of 1%. Taking both the items as a single transaction, what is the percentage of discount?
a) 3.5
b) 4
c) 7
d) 7.5

8.Aman whose bowling average is 12.4 takes 5 wickets for 26 runs and there by improves his average by 0.4. What is the number of wickets taken by him before his last match?
a) 85
b) 78
c) 72
d) 64

9.Amoney-lender finds that due to a fall in the annual rate of interest 8% to 7(3/4)%  his yearly income diminishes by Rs. 61.50. What is his capital?
a) Rs. 22400
b) Rs. 23800
c) Rs. 24600
d) Rs. 26000

10.A can do a piece of work in 24days. If B is 60% more efficient than A, then how many days does B require to do the same work?
a) 12
b) 15
c) 16
d) 18

11.Acone is inscribed in a hemisphere such that their bases arecommon. If C is the volume ofcone and H that of the hemisphere, then what is the value of C :H?
a) 1 :2
b) 2 :3
c) 3 :4
d) 4 :5

12.The speeds of three cars are inthe ratio 4 :3 :2. What is theratio between the times taken by the cars to cover the same distance?
a) 2 :3 :4
b) 3 :4 :6
c) 1 :2 :3
d) 4 :3 :2

13.Aman bought a number of oranges at 3 for a rupee and an equal number at 2 for a rupee. At what price per dozen should he sell them to make a profit of 20%?
a) Rs. 4
b) Rs. 5
c) Rs. 6
d) Rs. 7

14.How many liters of water flow out of a pipe having an area of cross section of 5 cm2 in one minute, if the speed of water in the pipe is 30 cm/s?
a) 90 ltr
b) 15 ltr
c) 9 ltr
d) 1.5 ltr

15.What is the greatest number offive digit which when divided by3, 5, 8, 12 have  remainder as 2?
a) 99999
b) 99958
c) 99960
d) 99962

16.Aswimming pool is 24 m longand 15 m broad. When xnumberof men dive into the pool, theheight of the water rises by 1 cm.If the average amount of water displaced by one man is 0.1 m3,then what is the value of x?
a) 36
b) 72
c) 108
d) 360

17.If three vertices of a parallelogram are A(3, 5), B (−5, −4) and C (7, 10), then fourth vertex is:
a) (10, 19)
b) (15, 10)
c) (19, 10)
d) (15, 19)

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