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General Awareness Quiz for SSC CGL

1.Where was the first BRICS Film Festival held in September 2016?(BRICS is a group of five countries – Brazil, Russia, India,China and South Africa)
1) New Delhi
2) Goa
3) Guwahati
4) Hyderabad

2.Kakrapar Atomic Power Station is in the news recently. It is in:
1) Tamil Nadu
2) Gujarat
3) West Bengal
4) Rajasthan
3.At the 63rdNational Film Awards which film won the Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration?
1) Masaan
2) Nirnayakam
3) Bajirao Mastani
4) Nanak Shah Fakir

4.Who appoints the Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of India?
1) The Prime Minister
2) The Home Minister
3) The Chief Justice of India
4) The President

5.The University of Nalanda was established during the reign of emperor:
1) Kumaragupta-I
2) Skandagupta
3) Chandragupta-I
4) Harshavardhana

6.The Kandariya Mahadeva Temple is located in:
1) Mount Abu
2) Khajuraho
3) Varanasi
4) Haridwar

7.There is no provision in the Constitution for the impeachment of the:
1) Chief Justice of India
2) Chief Justice of a High Court
3) Vice President
4) Governor
8.With which of the following is the term “Epicenter” associated?
1) Volcanoes
2) Earthquakes
3) Landslides
4) Cyclones

9. What is the present upper limit of fund transfer using UPI?
1) Rs.10,000
3) Rs.1 Lakh
2) Rs.50,000
4) Rs.2 Lakh

10. The details of UPI given. Locate the wrong statement.
1)  Bank customer needs to register with his/ her PSP (Payment Services Provider) before remitting funds using UPI and link his accounts.
2)  Registration of Beneficiary is not required for transferring funds through UPI as the fund would be transferred on the basis of Virtual ID/  Account number and IFSC.
3)  Customer cannot link a wallet to UPI, only bank accounts can be added.
4)  All of above correct statements

11.  New Governor of RBI is …….
1)  N.Viswanathan
2) Rakesh Mohan
3)  Arundhathi Bhattacharya
4) Urjith Patel

12.  On 25  August 2016 UPI launched by RBI which revolutionize peer to peer payments in the country, a step closer towards becoming a cashless economy. UPI stands for……
1) United Payments Interface
2) Unified Pay Interface
3) Unique Payments Interface
4) Unified Payments Interface

13. ∗99∗99# is a USSD based value added service from NPCI that facilitates the customers ……..
1)  to know the Rupee and Dollar reference rate.
2)  to check the balance in their bank account at the end of last month.
3)  to check the credit of  TDS in his bank account after 30 September in every year.
4)  to check the status of his/ her  Aadhaar number seeding/ linking in the bank account.

14.  On 25  August 2016, RBI issued a notification regarding the loans to women Self Help Groups. Pick up wrong statement.
1)  SHGs will be eligible for interest subvention on credit up to Rs.3 lakh.
2)  The rate of Interest is at 7% per annum under Deendayal  Antyodaya  Yojana National Rural Livelihood Mission.
3)  However SHGs availing capital subsidy under Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY)  in their existing credit outstanding will not be eligible for benefit under this scheme.
4)  The  banks  lend to a women SHGs in 250 districts as per this notification.

15.Dul Hasti is a hydroelectric power plant in Kishtwar district of:
1) Haryana
2) Himachal Pradesh
3) Uttarakhand
4) Jammu & Kashmir

16.”World Post Day” is celebrated every year on:
1) October 9
2) November 9
3) September 9
4) December 9

17.The Finance Commission is constituted every:
1) Three years
2) Four years
3) Five years
4) Six years

18.In which year was the Reserve Bank of India nationalized?
1) 1935
2) 1937
3) 1947
4) 1949

19. Which of the following statement is correct relating to the benefit for the banks, once UPI introduced?
1) Universal  Application for transaction
2) Payment basis Single/ Unique Identifier
3)  Possibility of seamless merchant transactions
4)  All of above

20.  Which of the following statement is correct relating to the benefit for the Merchants, once UPI introduced?
1) Suitable for e-Com & m-Com transaction
2)  Tap customers not having credit/ debit
3)  Seamless fund collection from customers single identifiers
4)  All of above

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