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Latest Current Affairs for the Month of August 2016

1.  Kota  Thermal Power Plant is Rajasthan’s first major coal-fired power plant which  is located on the left bank of the …….. River.
A) Ganga
B)  Yamuna        
C) Indus
D) Chambal       
2.  Who won the prestigious Google Community Impact  Award from  Asia, a theme based award part of Google Science Fair 2016?
A) Nitin Nadia         
B) M Subaramaniyam
C) Rohit patil          
D)  Advay Ramesh
3.  How much loan amount has been sanctioned by  Asian Development Bank (ADB) for ‘Climate  Adaptation in Vennar Subbasin of Cauvery Delta project’ in  Tamilnadu?
A) $25 million
B) $100 million
C) $120 million
D) $130 million
4.  With which private sector bank LIC partner for bancassurance?
B) Kotak Mahindra
D)  Axis Bank     
5.  Which bank has tied up with Reliance Jio Money for one-click payment service?
A) Federal Bank   
B)  Axis Bank
C) City Bank        
D)  Yes Bank     
6.  Noted  Tabla maestro has passed away recently, who was he?
A) Lachu Maharaj
B) Om Prakash Sonik
C) Ramchandra Chintaman Dhere
D) Praveen Maharaj               
7.  The foreign investment in Indian Stock Exchanges has been increased from 5% to………
A) 20     
B) 18    
C) 23    
D) 15
8.  ‘Prime’ (loyalty membership programme) premium service has been launched by which e-commerce firm in India?
A)  Quicker
B) E-bay        
C) Snapdeal
D) Amazon
9.  Which of the following country has overtaken Saudi  Arabia to become India’s top crude oil supplier?
A) Poland      
B) Slovenia     
C) Uganda
D) Iraq
10.  Union Cabinet approves Bilateral Investment  Treaty between India and which of the following country?
A) Cambodia      
B) Syria     
C)  Thailand
D) Vietnam         
11.  India has signed with which of the following country for cooperation in skill development?
A) Uzbekistan
B) Switzerland
C) United States
D) United  Arab Emirates   
12.  Pashudhan Bima  Yojana is launched by which state?
A) Punjab
B) Haryana 
C) West Bengal
D) Gujarat
13.  The first edition of India Skills Competition has started in which city of India?
A) Mumbai       
B) Chennai   
C) New Delhi
D) Bangalore   
14.  Who was appointed as Intex  Technologies brand ambassador for its consumer durable products, including washing machines and refrigerators?
A) Priyanka chopra      
B) Kangana ranaut
C) Deepika padukone  
D) Madhuri Dixit

15.  Who is the first Sri Lankan player to be inducted into ICC Hall of Fame?
A) Kulasekara                 
B) Jayavardane
C) Muttiah Muralitharan   
D) Dilshan
16.  What is the purpose of Indian Meteorological Department setting up a supercomputer running on a dynamical model?
A) Green House Gas Concentration 
B)  Annual Rainfall Forecast 
C) Heat Radiation
D) Summer Monsoon Forecast
17.  Startup India States Conference held in which of the following city?
A) Mumbai
B) Bangalore
C) Hyderabad
D) New Delhi
18.  Which of the following country will host international summit on tobacco-control?
A) India
B)  Afghanistan    
C) Japan
D) Kenya
19.  Which among the following player becomes the first swimmer to win the same event at four consecutive Games to capture the 22nd gold medal in Rio Olympics?
A) Joseph Schooling    
B) Chad le Clos
C) Kosuke Hagino       
D) Michael Phelps
20.  Which state government announces Rs.60 lakh special incentive for Olympic qualifiers recently?
A) Telangana
C) Kerala
B)  Gujarat
D) Odisha
21.  Which of the following state to construct 52 green playfields across the state?
A) Telangana
B)  Andhra  Pradesh
C) Tamilnadu
D)  Kerala
22.  Tata STRIVE skills development center launched in which city?
A) Vijayawada
B) Visakhapatnam
C) Hyderabad
D)  Tirupathi

23.  According to International  Air  Transport Association (IATA) which country has witnessed the fastest domestic air passenger growth at 18.8 per cent in 2015? 
A) Japan
B) India        
C) Malaysia
24.  As per the census 2011, Kerala has the highest literacy rate its literacy rate is …….
A) 84%
B) 88%
D) 94%
C) 91%
25.  Tehri Dam located in which state?
A) Punjab
B)  Assam  
C) Uttarakhand
D) Meghalaya 
26. What is the capital of Mongolia?
A) Valletta
B) Windhoek      
C) Sofia
D) Ulaanbaatar    

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