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Who wrote the book ” Sunny Days”?
– Sunil Gavaskar
Who is the author of book “Gita Govinda”?
– Jayadeva
Who is the author of the novel “White Tiger”which won the Booker Prize 2008?
– Aravind Adiga
Who was the author of “Hind Swaraj”?
– Mahatma Gandhi
Who wrote the book ” A Passage To India”?
– E.M Forster
Who is the author of book “The Shape of the Beast”?
– Arundhati Roy
Who wrote the book ” Animal’s People”?
-Indra Sinha
Who wrote the novel ” Neela Chand”?
– Shiv Prasad Singh
Who wrote an   English novel ” In Custody”?
Anita Desai
Who is the author of book ” Many Worlds”?
– V.S Naipaul
Name the book which has collection of speeches of N.G Ranga?
– Three Decades in Parliament

Who wrote the book “We Indians”?
– Khushwant Singh
Who wrote the famous novel ” Pride and Prejudice”?
– Jane Austen
Who is the author of book “India Wins Freedom”?
– Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
Who wrote ” War and Peace”?
– Leo Tolstoy
Who wrote the book “The Daughter of the East”?
– Ms. Benazir Bhutto
Who is the author of book ” The Tribune 130 Years: A Witness to History”?
– Prof. V.N Datta
Who wrote the book ” Glimpses of World History”?
– Jawaharlal Nehru
Who wrote the book ” Unhappy India”?
– Lala Lajpat Rai
Who wrote the book “Gullivers Travel”?
– Jonathan Swift
Who wrote ” Netaji, Dead or Alive”?
– Samar Guha

Who is the author of book ” Freedom Behind Bars”?
– Kiran Bedi
Who is author of ” Hindu view of life”?
– S. Radhakrishnan
Who wrote the popular book “The Naked Face”?
– Sidney Sheldon
Who wrote the book ” Eternal   Himalayas”?
– H.P.S Ahluwalia
Who was the author of ” Bharat Bharati”?
– Maithili Sharan Gupta

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