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Important Dates and Days of India & World

Important Days observed Throughout The World

When is World Laughter Day celebrated?
-26th January
On which day International Women’s Day observed?
-8th March
When comes the World Disabled Day?
-15th March
When is World Health Day celebrated?
-7th April
Which day is observed as World Heritage Day?
-18th April
When is Earth Day observed?
-22nd April
Which day is known as World Book and Copyright Day?
-23rd April
When is International Labour   Day observed?
-1st May
Which day is celebrated as World Red Cross Day?
-8th May
When is the Mother’s Day celebrated?
-11th May
When is Commonwealth Day observed?
-24th May
On which date Anti Tobacco Day observed?
-31st May
When comes the World Environment Day?
-5th June
Which day is chosen   to be celebrated as Father’s Day?
-20th  June (3rd Sunday of June)
When is the World Population Day observed?
-11th July
Which day is celebrated as International Literacy Day?
-8th September
Which day is known as World Tourism Day?
-27th September
When is World Food Day observed?
-16th October
When is the UN Day observed?
-24th October
World Aids Day falls on which date?
-1st December
World Human Rights Day is observed on which day?
-10th December

Important dates and days of India 
When is India’s National Youth Day celebrated ?
– 12th January
When is India’s  Army Day  celebrated ?
-15th January

When is India’s  Republic Day  celebrated?
-26th January
When is Martyr’s Day in India celebrated ?
-30th January
Which day in India celebrated as Central Excise Day ?
-24th February
When is   National Science Day  celebrated in India?
-28th February
Which day is celebrated as  National Maritime Day  in India?
-5th April
When in India National Technology Day celebrated?
-11th May
On which date Quit India Day comes?
-9th August
Which day is celebrated as  Independence Day  of India?
-15th August
When is Sadbhavna Diwas (Goodwill Day ) observed in India?
-20 August (Late Prime minister  Rajiv Gandhi’s  birth anniversary)
When comes National  Sports Day  of India?
-29th August

When in India Teachers Day celebrated?
-5th September
Which day is observed as Sanskrit Day in India?
-5th September
Indian Air Force Day is observed on which day ?
-8th October
When comes National Postal Day in India?
-10th October
Which day in India is celebrated as  Children’s Day?
-14th November
Which day in India is observed as Minorities Rights Day?
-18th December
When comes the Farmer’s Day (Kisan Divas )in India ?
-23rd December

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