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SSC CGL Tier 1 Model Questions and Answers Quiz

The enjoyment of physical possession of things would seem to be one of the prerogatives of wealth
which has been little impaired. Presumably nothing has happened to keep the man who can afford them from enjoying his Rembrandt and his homegrown orchids. But enjoyment  of things has always been associated with the third prerogative of wealth which is the distinction it confers. In a world where nearly everyone was poor, the distinction was very great. It was the natural consequence of rarity. In England, it is widely agreed, the ducal families are not uniformly superior. There is a roughly normal incidence of intelligence and stupidity, good taste and bad taste, morality, immorality. But very few people are dukes and duchesses, although the later have become rather more frequent with modern easing of the divorce laws. As a result, even though they may be intrinsically unexceptional they are regarded with some awe. So it has long been with the rich. Were dukes numerous their position would deteriorate. As the rich have become more numerous, they have inevitably become a debased currency.

1. The distinction conferred by wealth
A) was unfair to the poor
B) was unlikely to spread throughout the world
C) was very great when there were many rich people
D) was very great when there were few rich people

2. The enjoyment of the physical possession of things
A) is one of the privileges of wealth which has not been changed
B) is one of the privileges of wealth which should be curtailed
C) has little to do with the prerogatives of wealth
D) is a prerogative of wealth which cannot be disputed

3. Ducal families in England
A) are generally agreed to be fairly common
B) are generally agreed to be fairly superior
C) are superior because they are rich
D) are generally agreed not to be always better than others

4. There are more duchesses now because
A) it is easier for dukes to divorce and remarry
B) dukes are more immoral than they used to be
C) their position has deteriorated
D) they are debased

5. Among the ducal families
A) there is great deal of immortality
B) there is a fairly even spread of virtues and vices
C) there is a great deal of bad taste
D) there is either great intelligence or great stupidity

6. The teacher said disappointedly, ‘There is ––– in my class who can solve this problem.’
A) anybody
B) somebody
C) everybody
D) nobody

7. Man is essentially a ––– animal and tends to associate with others.
A) sentimental
B) gregarious
C) selfish
D) perverse

8. which best expresses the meaning of the given word as your answer. (Querulous )
A) Critical
B) Curious
C) Complaining 
D) Ambiguous

9.which best expresses the meaning of the given word as your answer.  (Serene)
A) Solemn
B) Meek
C) Delicate
D) Calm

10.   choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word as your answer. (Balmy)
A) Hard 
B) Genuine
C) Mild
D) Fragrant

11. 94, 18, 121, 961, ?, 982
1) 220
2) 522 
3) 96
4) 72

12. AD DH HN ?
1) NS
2) NU
3) NV 
4) NR

13. Among five friends Pavan is younger than Ramesh but elder than Uday. Sam is slightly elder
than Ramesh but Tinku is slightly younger than Ramesh and slightly elder than Pavan. Who is the
1) Pavan
2) Uday
3) Sam
4) Tinku

14. When Rahul handed his home work, he forgot to give the teacher the last page.
A) handed in his homework
B) handed down his homework
C) handed over his homework
D) no improvement

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