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What are Clear Aligners? How do Clear Aligners work?

What are Clear Aligners?
Clear Aligners are substitute to conventional braces, which are fabricated to help guide teeth into their real position. Like braces, clear aligners also use a tool that controls tooth movement, however without those ugly metal races. The aligners are made of a medical grade plastic material and are designed to fit each individual’s mouth. If a number of aligners are made, each aligner moves the teeth a little till the final desired positions are achieved. 

Dental aligners are supposed to be worn for at least of minimum 20 hours a day to reach the desired results. Each aligner is worn for two weeks before switching to the next one. The length of treatment with dental aligners depends upon the complexity of the case. Normally, aligner treatment can be as short as three months or as long as 48 months as well. However, inspire of this, it is a much shorter treatment than traditional braces.

How do Clear Aligners work?
Clear orthodontic aligners are a substitute to traditional braces that are used to move the teeth and alter your smile without much intervention to your daily routine life. These are re movable trays made of a clear plastic which is nearly invisible while using aligners, a series of slightly different trays are custom-made in order to fit over your teeth. You must wear each one for a period of 20 hours a day for two weeks before switching to the next in the line. The aligners are computer generated, fabricated by top notch techniques that based on models and images of your own teeth.

The doctors will take your impressions, radiographs and will anal them You will have the opportunity to digital yreview the potentially corrected positions of your teeth which represents  outcome as planned by the doctor Each aligned is worn for 2 weeks before advancing to the net aligner

Aligners correct Maloocusion or crowded teeth, without going through treatment with metal brackats and wires They are hardy visible Hygienic wry to correct maioccusion as it doesn’t hinder the normal oral health care procedures and doesn’t allow food particles to infuse intothe applianoe
Clearpath can treat the following:
  • crowding: Teeth are too close t
  • Spacing: Gaps between the teeth
  • Overbite: Teeth overlap too much vertically
  • Overjet: Upper front teeth stick out and protrude
  • Underbite: Lower teeth extend past upper front teeth
  • Crossbite: Upper and Lower teeth bite on the wrong side of each other
  • Openbite: Gap between teeth on biting
  • Misplaced Midline: Center lines of upper and lower teeth are not aligned

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