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SSC CGL Important Questions and Answers

1. The type of root formed in Betel vine is ….
A) Stilt Root
B) Clinging Root
C) Climbing Root 
D) Prop Root

2. Assuming air is 79% nitrogen gas and 21% oxygen gas by volume, what is the percent by mass of nitrogen in the air?
A) 79%
B) 77% 
C) 83%
D) 50%

3. Till now the highest temperature on the earth is recorded at ….
A) El Azizia 
B) Death valley
C) Alwar
D) Oodnadatta

4. Which one of the following territory was not a part of Ashoka’s empire?
A) Afghanistan
B) Bihar
C) Sri Lanka
D) Kalinga

5. The penetrating powers of α, β and γ radiations, in decreasing order, are
A) α, β, γ
B) γ, β, α 
C) β, α, γ
D) γ, α, β

6. In Indian Constitution, Article 370 is related to −
A) Jammu and Kashmir State
B) Reservation of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
C) Punjab and Haryana States
D) Karnataka and Tamilnadu States

7. Tritium is an isotope of ……..
A) Oxygen
B) Hydrogen
C) Phosphorous
D) Nitrogen

8. In which Eco-system Grassland is included?
A) Marine
B) Fresh water
C) Terrestrial 
D) Artificial

9. The Yellow Stone National Park is in ….
B) France
C) China
D) Maldives

10. Which of the following animals was not native to India?
A) Elephant
B) Horse
C) Rhinoceros
D) Tiger

11. Priyanka purchased 25 kg of rice at the rate of Rs.16.50 per kg and 35 kg of rice at the rate of Rs.24.50 per kg. She mixed the two and sold the mixture. Approximately, at what price per kg did she sell the mixture to make 25 percent profit?
A) 26.50 
B) 27.50
C) 28.50
D) 30.00

12. A train covers a distance of 3584 km in 2 days 8 hours, if it covers 1440 km on the first day and 1608 km on the second day. By how much does the average speed of the train for the remaining part of the journey differ from that for the entire journey?
A) 3 km/h more 
B) 3 km/h less
C) 4 km/h more
D) 5 km/h less

13. The sum of two numbers is 2400. If 6% of one number is equal to 10% of other number then find the difference of these two numbers.
A) 500
B) 700
C) 475
D) 600

14. Vamp : Shoe :: Hood : ?
A) Jacket
B) Car 
C) Clean
D) Crook

15. AFKP : BGLQ :: CHMR : ?

16. 9536 : 6203 :: 5873 : ?
A) 2540 
B) 2343
C) 2353
D) 2531

17. Which of the answer figure is the right mirror image of the question figure?
2 4 7 5 9 6
A) 695742
B) 247569
C) 695742
D) 247596

18. The photoelectric effect is described as the ejection of electrons from surface of a metal when
A) It is heated
B) It is placed in strong electric field
C) Electrons of suitable velocity impingeon it
D) Light of suitable wavelength falls on it

19. Doctors, Artists and Sculptors use Calcium Sulphate which is popularly known as
A) Quick lime
B) Lime stone
C) Bleaching powder
D) Plaster of Paris

20. If a man were to sell his chair for Rs.720, he would lose 25%. To gain 25% he should sell it for?
A) Rs.1200 
B) Rs.1000
C) Rs.960
D) Rs.900

21. What is the sum of money of which 3 3−4% is Rs.45?
A) Rs.1500
B) Rs.1200
C) Rs.1250
D) Rs.1550

22. Find the value of
(0.98)3 + (0.02)3 + 3 × 0.98 × 0.02 − 1.
A) 1.98
B) 1.09
C) 1
D) 0

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