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How to Create Company Advertisement using MS-WORD

Company Advertisement

Prepare an advertisement to a company requiring software professionals with the following specifications.
  • •√  Attractive page border
  • •√  Design the name of company using format
  • •√  Use at least one clip art.
  • •√  Write details of company in brief using bullets wherever necessary.
  • •√  Mention number of vacancies in each category of employee [Programmers, Software Engineers, 

Date Entry Operators, system administrators and business managers] arranging the order appropriately to the required calculations.

Aim: To prepare an advertisement to a company.
1 Open MS-Word document through Start—> Programs—>MS OFFICE —> MS Word
2. Type the name of the company using the word art.
3. unsert any picture at the e of the company name by clicking Insert —>Picture option.
4. Type the details of the company
5. Select the details and apply the bullets, which is available on formatting tool bar.
6. Insert a table and type the fields as job, no. o vacancies and qualifications.
7. Type the details of all fields in the table.
8. Click on Page Layout—> Page Borders and apply attractive page border
9. Save the document with the short cut Ctrl+S or from the option Office Button —> Save
10. Click on File—> Exit to exit from MS WORD

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