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Create Company Letter Head using Ms-Word

Letter Head of a Company
•√  Create a letterhead of a company with the following.
•√  Name of the company on the top of the page with a big font and good style.
•√  Phone no’s, Fax no’s, E-mail address with appropriate symbols.
•√  Main products manufactured to be described at the bottom.
•√  Slogans if any should be specified in bold at the bottom.

Aim: To create the letterhead of a company.

1. Open the word document and save it.
2. Type the company name and align it to the center of the document by clicking on Align center option available in Home Tab. Select company name, increase the font size to and change the font style using Word Art available in Insert Tab
3. Below the Company name type the address, phone no, Fax no and e-mail address with appropriate symbols and font size.
4. Draw a line by clicking on Shapes of Insert Tab.
5. Use the Following option to insert water mark Insert—>Page Layout—>Watermark.
6. At the bottom of the page, type the slogan and apply any border with the menu option
Insert —> Page Layout—>Page Layout—> Page Border
7. Below the slogan types the product information at the bottom of the page.
8 Save the document with the menu option Office Button —> Save or with the short cut Ctrl +S

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