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1: The phrase Satyameva Jayate is taken from which Upanishad?
Ans: Mundaka Upanishad

2: As per Indian Railways, what does PNR stand for?
Ans: Passenger Name Record

3: April 13, 1930, Rajaji began his salt march from where to Vedaranayam?
Ans: Tiruchi

4: Who presented Arjuna with a Gandiva in Mahabharata?
Ans: Varuna

5: Clue 1: Patangarh of Dindori district in Madhya Pradesh. Clue 2: Jangarh Singh Shyam. Name the art form
Ans: Gond

6: His Hollywood films include Beau Geste (1926), Dancing Mothers (1926) and Tonight at Twelve (1929). Died in Los Angeles. Served as a secretary of Indian Football Association between 1900 and 1902. Name the legend
Ans: Norman Pritchardf

7: Monastery was re-established in 1672 by King Sengge Namgyal. Annual festival honours Padmasambhava. The legend of Naropa, disciple of yogi Tilopa is associated with this historic structure. Name the monastery
Ans: Hemis

8: In Treta Yuga, there is reference to Girikarnika. Rising from the Dheebar Lake in the Aravallis, the tributaries include Wakal, Sei and Harnav. Can you name the river?
Ans: Sabarmati

9: US missionaries founded the hill station in 1844-45 to escape a bout of cholera in Madurai. Which station?
Ans: Kodaikanal

10: Which pitch curator is common to Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag’s double ton in One Day Internationals?
Ans: Samundar Singh

11: Which is the only pedestrian hill station in India where vehicles are not allowed?
Ans: Matheran

12: In charge of Calcutta Mint between 1832 to 1838, he studied and deciphered Ashokan rocks and pillars. His essays on antiquities are considered as classics. Hint: Varanasi. Who are we referring to?
Ans: James Prinsep

13: Sagol Khongjei in Manipur paved the way for which sport?
Ans: Polo

14: Which mountain range separates Jammu from Kashmir?
Ans: Pir Panjal

15: Song Celestial by Edwin Arnold is a English rendition of which Indian text?
Ans: Bhagwad Gita

16: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose set up the Azad Hind government on October 21, 1943. Where?
Ans: Cathay Cinema House in Singapore

17: What is the real name of the great Gandhian Meerabehn?
Ans: Madelaine Slade

18: The flag on the top of Lord Jagannath’s rath in Puri is called what?
Ans: Trailokya Mohini

19: The name Bihar is known as a variation of which word?
Ans: It comes from Vihara-the Buddhist monastery

20: T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland ends with which word repeated thrice?
Ans: Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!

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