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What is the Importance of Indians Festivals – English Short Essay

Festivals form an important part of our culture. They are generally associated with religious traditions and beliefs. They fill us with a new enthusiasm and offer us relief from the daily stress life.
In the remote past people developed belief in the unseen force of Gods. Worshipping came into vogue. Certain days came to be associated with mythological events. They began to be celebrated. These are the days of festivals. Various festivals have different origins. Some are celebrated to remember the great men of history. Other festivals have several stories connected with them. Divali is such a one. The birth days of saints and heroes of history are also celebrated. Krishnashtami and Sankara Jayanthi are such festivals.
Our festivals often symbolize the victory of the good over the evil. Our epics speak of the killing of several demons like Narakasura and Kamsa. Vijayadasami and Diwali of kind. There are festivals that celebrate changes coming with the passage of time. Ugadi is one such festival. Some Hindu festivals are mainly concerned with women. Varalakshmi Vratham is such a festival. Muslims celebrate Ramjan, Moharam and Bakrid. For Christians Christmas and Good Friday are important festivals. In India every religion has its own festivals.
Independence day and Republic Day are our national festivals. A festival is an occasion of joy. We worship gods on the day. Men take up generous activities. Ideas of prevail on these days. Festivals are associated with some evils. Animals are sacrificed. Processions turn violent and religious clashes may occur. If these things are avoided festivals are always great occasions of joy.

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