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What is the Important of School Time Table

A timetable is said to be a second school clock. It is generally prepared by dividing the minutes of the school day by the total number of periods prescribed for each subject and thus determines the length of each period.
Preparation of Time Table – Need and Importance
table is essential for the efficient functioning of a school. It is the instrument that makes school work as per schedule. Time table supplies framework for the work to proceed in the school.
  1. It ensures an orderly and smooth functioning of the school.
  2. It facilitates equitable distribution of work among teachers.
  3. It prevents wastage of time and energy.
  4. It ensures equitable distribution ofdifferent subjects and activities
  5. It helps in maintaining discipline in the distribution.
  6. It promotes punctuality among staff and students
  7. It is an essential instrument and useful tool for effective implementation of various programming in the school.

Principles of Time-Table Construction:
Time-Table is prepared for various purpose and a good time table will have the following characteristics.

1. Type of School: According to the
Type of school i e. Primary, Secondary, rural or urban, public or private according to the nature specific time-table is needed.

2. Rules and Regulations: Rules and regulations are to be followed issued by Govt/Director or D.E.O. with regard to the duration of the period, amount of time to be allotted for various subjects, time allocated for recreations and recess.
3. Relative importance given to difficulty level of subjects English is given more importance hence more time is allotted to that subject in the time-table.

4. Elasticity: Adequate flexibility of time is to be made in the time- table for necessary adjustment and changes for meeting specific needs for certain classes of students. Time-table should be our servant, not our master. It should not be rigid and mechanical.

Uses of a school Time table:
a) The school Time-table prepares the different school activities in a systematic manner
b) The school Time-table brings the order and discipline.
c) It stops the wastage of time and energy.
d) It provides equal weight-age and time to different subjects and activities.
e) It smoothen the work and places the right persons at the right job at the right time.
f) It distributes the teacher’s work load equally.

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