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What is the Importance of Sports and Games – English Short Essay

A sound mind exists only in a sound body. n our life physical health plays an important role. Participation in sports and garnes help one develop one’s health. Hence their importance
Sports and games help us have a good physique. They teach us qualities like discipline and team spirit. Regular participation in sports creates a broad outlook. It drives away narrow mindedness and selfish thoughts. While playing games one has to co-operate with the other players. One learns the art of living together and working together. Games are played according to a set of rules. Players have to obey them. It teaches them how to abide by rules and regulations. In actual life also they learn to do the same.
They develop a sense of responsibility Sports and games sharpen one’s wits. A player has to play accoring to the changing situation. He should be able to take the righ decision in a split second. In games like cricket or hockey a player has to react very sharply and quickly. Otherwise the opponent will have the advantage. Thus games keep a man physically and mentally alert A true sportsman takes in everything with calm. 
He accepts defeat without being worried. He learns the lessons of failure and trust to overcome his shortcomings. This helps him in his real life as well and games bring riches to the players Games like tennis and cricket are full of money. Besides, players get international fame. In fact many worship talented players. Sachin is an example.
But sports and games should not generate  players. Everything connected with these should be taken in sportive manner. Then they do a lot of good to mankind

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