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CTET English Quiz – English Passage Quiz

Directions  :  Read the  passage given  below and answer the questions that  follow (Q. No.  1  to 9) by selecting  the  most  appropriate  option.
1  If you are  living  in a  house  with a  child  on the cusp  of becoming  a  teenager, congratulations. I’m  not being sarcastic;  you are  about  to  embark on  an amazing  voyage. It  may  be  a  bumpy  ride,  but  on  the  journey your child  will  grow,  change  and  blossom into  the  adult she  will  one  day become. If you are living  with  an  older teenager,  I won’t try  to  sugar  coat  it  :  you will meet challenges. The raging  hormones;  the pressures of exams; the  angst of relationships with  friends  and  eventually lovers  —  modern  teenagers  are under  so much pressure, it’s  no  wonder they  get moody !
2. your  child  is  in  the process of great  change. Gone  is  the baby  who adored you without question; only  shadows  remain  of the child who hung  on your  every  word of wisdom. Your  teenager  is  becoming  a young adult, trying to find his way in the  world.  He  is now programmed  to  reject  your  values  and kick  against  your authority. Some  days, when  arguments are raging,  music is blaring,  dishes  pile  up in the  sink and your daughter misses  her curfew again, you may feel that you just can’t bear it any longer.
3.  But if you take a backwords , breathly deeply  for a  moment,  you  will  be  able  to  see that  most of the problems  and irritations we have  parenting  teens  are small  ones. It’s only  because  we are  so  close to  them  that they  look  so  big.  It’s all about perspective. Your baby  is  metamorphosing into  the  adult he  or she  will be,  and  it’s hard  to  watch.  You want to  save  them  from  making  your mistakes, and make  their  lives  easier.  News flash : you can’t. What  you can—and must— do is  always  be  there to  listen.  There  will  be times  when  you  are the last  person she wants to talk  to, but you must make  sure the opportunity is  always there.  Be available.

Question :- 1.  According  to  the  author, living  with  a teenager  is  like  an  ‘amazing  voyage’  because
  • (1) during this voyage  the  parent will  see the  teenager  blossoming  into  an  adult
  • (2) the  voyage  will be  very bumpy  and dangerous 
  • (3) both the teenager and the parent will get  to  see  many  amazing  sights
  • (4)  the  vogage  will take  them  to  different wonderful places on the earth

Question :- 2.  ‘I won’t  try  to  sugar  coat it’  — By this what the  author wants  to  convey is that ?
  • (1) she  does not  want to  hide  the fact that parenting a teenager  is  full  of challenges 
  • (2) parenting  is  very challenging  and parents  must be prepared for  it in  a gentle manner
  • (3) parenting  teenagers  is  like taking  an unpleasant  cure  for  an  ailment
  • (4) she does  not  want to  flatter the parents into believing  that  they  are capable of managing teenagers

Question :- 3.  Modern teenagers  easily  become  annoyed  or unhappy for  no reason  because of
  • (1) the  hormonal imbalance  that  is characteristic of  this  period  of development
  • (2) the  failed  relationships  with friends and lovers 
  • (3)  failing in examinations
  • (4) the enormous  stress  they  experience  at this age

Question :- 4 .  ‘Only shadows  remain of  the child  …’.  The word ‘shadows’ here  refers  to
  • (1)  faint  traces  of the  adoring child
  • (2) old memories  of  the  teenager
  • (3) old memories of  the parents
  • (4) the darker  aspect of  the  growing teenager

Question :- 5.  ‘Kick against your  authority’  is  a manifestation  of a  teenager’s
  • (1) innate  tendency to  become  physically violent
  • (2) natural rebellious tendency 
  • (3) excessive  sentimentality
  • (4) need for  identification with family values

Question :- 6.  ‘He  is  now programmed  to  reject your values’ implies  that  the teenager
  • (1) behaves in  such a  way because of biological  factors
  • (2) derives much  pleasure  in  going against the family
  • (3) is  capable of programming  his behaviour carefully
  • (4) rejects parents’ values out of sheer spite

Question :- 7.  The  author  says that parents cannot  prevent their teenage children from  making  mistakes. What is  his  advice to  the  parents ?
  • (1) Be  available  for  consultations  and listen to the teenagers
  • (2)  Don’t  try  to save  the teenagers or make their  lives  easier
  • (3) Be  the last  person to  approach the teenagers with advice
  • (4) Do not  watch the children growing up at this stage because it can be painful

Question :- 8.  Pick  out a word  from  the  first paragraph of the above passage that  means ‘strong  feelings of  anxiety and  unhappiness.’
  • (1) angst 
  • (2) raging
  • (3) sarcastic
  • (4) cusp

Question :- 9.  Living with  teens  can  be  difficult  because your child  is  in  the  process of great change. The  underlined part  of this  sentence  is  a/an  ?
  • (1) adverb  clause
  • (2) adjective  clause 
  • (3) prepositional  phrase
  • (4) noun  clause

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