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What is the Uses of Multimedia in Teaching English

Multimedia: The word multimedia is a combination of two different words multi and media, meaning the many different ways through which people receive information and entertainment like television, radio, newspapers and the internet. Related to the teaching-learning of English it includes the use of wall charts, slide projectors, television, video, networks, power point, E-mail, bulletin board, language laboratories etc.
In short the core of multimedia teaching refers to the use of computer to create a platform of communication and exchanges between the teachers and the taught through sound and visuals. With the rapid development of science and technology today in addition to the theme of globalization, multi-media teaching has gradually entered the present day class room and has attained popularity in many of the well-established schools and other educational institutions like polytechnics and engineering colleges.
Advantages of multimedia teaching
Using multimedia in English language teaching (ELT) enhances the teaching ability on the part of the teachers and the quality of teaching.
Multimedia teaching stresses the importance of pupil participation in learning and enhances the importance of pupil-teacher interaction. During this process the teacher’s role as the facilitator is quite prominent.
It trains and improves the pupils’ ability to listen to and speak, and as such develops their communicative competence.
Using multimedia in teaching makes the class lively and interesting
Above all multimedia teaching is very flexible. The teacher can mould it to suit his purposes.

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