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School Head Master Qualities – What are the Qualities Required for the School Head Master

What are the Qualities required for the Head Master?
The Head Master is the central pivot round which the whole system of school revolves. The teaching staff, the non-teaching staff the learners, and the parents are affected by his personality. So he  possess certain qualities of head and heart which might have positive influence on the developing personalities of others.

Qualities of Headmaster:
1. A well qualified Person: The headmaster is the leader in his school kingdom. He should be a highly qualified person. He must possess the requisite qualifications as desired by the educational set up or the controlling authority. A back door entry to this job of status should be discouraged. He should really be a capable person. The staff and students should know him as headmaster not by way of his appointment but his superiority of ability and character.

2. A teacher first: Every Headmaster is a teacher first and then the Headmaster. Generally a good teacher comes out all successful as Headmaster. He should be a good model for others so that they might receive inspiration from him.

3. Good at administration and Organization: The headmaster should understand his duty as a organizer and administrators of the school. He should always try to come up to the expectation of all concerned.

4. Dynamic Leadership : The head master should be able to his staff and students. This will be possible if he is capable and has all round fully developed personality. He should have all the qualities of a leader. He should be able to get work out of others without imposing any sort of compulsion on them.

5. Well adjusted personality: The headmaster should possess good health. He should be free from any type of complexes. He should be bold enough to hold his charge satisfactorily.

6. Sound Judgment: The headmaster should be a good administrator. He should have a quick capacity of judgement. In decision making he should not postpone things and thus delay his decision.

7. A sound philosophy: A good administrator should have not only second philosophy of life but also a sound philosophy of education. This philosophy should be in accordance with the objectives of society and the objective for which that school has been organized.

8. Thoroughly Special: The Head master is the leader of a social group, which has been instituted by the society. The head is all the time concerned with the human beings of different type. He needs be thoroughly social. Only then he will be able to achieve the desired objectives of the society.

9. A man of confidence: The Headmaster should have full confidence in whatever he does here or they’re concerning the functioning of his school.

10. A Conscientious Worker: The headmaster of an institution should be a conscientious worker, He should always be conscious of his responsibilities

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