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What are the Different Techniques of Teaching English?

Technique is a practical trick used by the teacher in the class room to accomplish an immediate objective. It must be consistent with a method and therefore in harmony with an approached as well.

The approaches generally used by the teacher are:

1. Language games: language games are games played by students with the teacher’s guidance These games help students to reinforce the language already l
These games can provide the students fluency in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

2. Pair work: The students are paired into twos and practice language items in the form of dialogues or role-play

3. Substitution Tables: Substitution table is one of the most useful techniques, which makes the teaching effective. It is an excellent and successful technique for teaching a language like English Substitution is an exercise in which a large number of sentences can be made by interchanging the words in each column.
  • i) Match stick figures: Match stick figures are those which can be drawn by the teacher, on the black board by using lines and curves. These figures resemble the matchstick heads. The teacher can use this technique to teach vocabulary
  • ii) Dramatization: Dramatization means to involve students in acting, by creating some rules, while speaking English this technique is used at the time of practice. The dramas may also be performed on the stage. The children show much interest in dramatization.

The techniques related to the method and approaches of teaching the language are:
1) Whatever the method is developed to teach depends upon the in a certain The teacher uses several practical techniques to teach method.
2) The techniques of dramatization and situationalization are very much helpful in teaching language by direct method.
3)  Language games and substitution tables can help the teacher to teach in bilingual method.
4) A method consists of a collection of techniques, a used in  systematic way. In this way different approaches may share the same techniques and also the same methods. Techniques mainly stress on what is taking place in the classroom.
5) Though the techniques, approaches and methods are interring dependent, a slight difference can be seen among these.

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