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Today’s Children are Tomorrows Citizens – English Short Essay

it is said that the child is the father of man. It means that the child of today will grow into an adult in future. The seeds of the future society are in the children of the present day. They are going to be the citizens in future.
We always wish to have a bright future. We hope for a well developed society in the days to come. Today’s children are going to be adults in course of time. They are going to build the future society of our dreams. So their character should be an ideal one. If today’s children are brought up along the right lines tomorrow’s citizens will be a responsible lot.
Children should be given the right type of education. Parents should take care to see that they understand their duties properly. Both at school and at home they should learn to behave well. Discipline should be taught to them. They should treat other children as their equals. Good qualities like honesty and integrity should be a part of their character. While young, the idea of patriotism has to be placed in their minds.

Parents and teachers should carefully watch their development. Children that are neglected cause great harm to the society. They fall into evil company and develop into anti social elements. In many cases poverty spoils the lives of children. They do not enjoy the love and affection of parents. In despair they turn up as rowdies and thieves. Society cannot be safe with such people around.
So it is always wise to keep the child on the right track of development. Otherwise the future of the society is at state.

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