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How to find Who follow you on Twitter

Finding people to follow on Twitter
Because it’s such a big part of the Twitter experience, figuring out who to follow (and how to find them) can be overwhelming at first. Luckily, Twitter gives you several different ways to connect to the people you know, the information you want to know, and more. It’s all about following and receiving updates from the accounts that interest you; therefore, everyone’s Twitter stream will be different.
The #Discover tab in the top navigation bar is the best place to find new people to follow, regardless of your interests. Select the #Discover tab. Several options will appear in the left navigation pane, which you can use to find people to follow.
Who to follow: Find suggestions based on the accounts you already follow (if you added any during the signup process). In this example, @namastekadapa’ suggestions reflect the unique contents of her Twitter stream: accounts related to fashion, local businesses, travel, and activities.

Find friends: Find people you know by searching your social or professional contacts. Just select any service you use, and sign in when prompted to give Twitter access to your personal connections. In this example, @namastekadapa is about to search her Gmail contacts for friends and family who also use Twitter.
Browse categories: Find accounts based on what interests you. Pick a topic—any topic! Browsing is a good way to discover some of Twitter’s most popular, prolific users.
Find users by name: Find anyone by entering their name or user name. You can even enter brand names like CNN, Google, or Barnes & Noble. However, if the individual you’re looking for has a common name or chooses not to list his or her name publicly, you may have trouble finding this person in this way.
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